What Shows Are Coming To Syfy in 2015?

by on January 30, 2015

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Syfy Channel TV news

If you were wondering what, if any shows, are coming back to or premiering on Syfy in the 2015 TV season, they’ve been kind enough to put out a promo video for their upcoming year.

Some of the scenes are from some obvious Syfy shows while others, not quite so much if you’re not familiar with the franchise. But below is the list of shows they’re announcing with this promo. Albeit, a few of them have already started up, but that’s neither here nor there.

  • 12 Monkeys,
  • Chidhood’s End,
  • Dark Matter,
  • Defiance,
  • Dominion,
  • Face Off,
  • Helix,
  • Killjoys,
  • Olympus,
  • The Expanse,
  • Z Nation.

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[syfy press release]

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