When A Marvel Character Dies, Fans Need to Lay Off the Death Threats

by on December 26, 2012

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There’s a recent story development going on in the Marvel Comic universe where the writer of the story is getting death threats. And I have to tell you folks, I know fans can get very… “impassioned” about their favored characters. But I think death threats are a bit over the top.

They’re excessively immature and you are not thinking it through when you commit to “writing” your threats on folks. But aside from that, I’d like to suggest the following thoughts on story changes or developments that upset fans.

When you get absorbed in a character story, I think you have to keep in mind that when you like the story, you are really a fan of the writer. And sometimes, the writer has a plan in mind. Right?

Of late, we’ve been seeing many different franchises kill off popular characters. We first saw this way, way back in the 90’s when DC was thinking of killing off Superman. But of late, we’ve also seen character deaths in franchises like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy and many other titles of late.

It seems to be the latest fashion of writing and definitely keeps fans on their toes. (But Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter doesn’t count. He’s crazy to begin with and kills off people we like every season. He’s evil, in an entertaining fashion.)

SPOILERS (MILD?) FOR TV Series Leverage

But when we have death in various genres, they’re not always permanent. Sci-fi loves to toss out characters and guage the fan hate from events that drive up ratings or viewership. If they see the right signals, the character will probably return in some fashion with some form of fantastical explanation as to how the character didn’t die. Remember Daniel from Stargate? Heck, the Leverage series finale scared the crap out of me last night, watching favored characters bite it. Or appear to.

(End Leverage series finale spoiler)

SPOILERS FOR The Amazing Spider-Man Issue #700 ensue here…

If you haven’t read your copy of Amazing Spider-Man #700 yet, you probably want to avert your eyes.

The Amazing Spider-Man Spoilers

In the 700th edition of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker dies. Or to be more accurate, his mind dies as Doc Octopus swaps mind-bodies and defeats Peter in his old body.

And in what writer Dan Slott in an interview calls the “Moriarity in the head of Sherlock,” Doctor Otto Octavius ends up in Peter Parker’s body, taking on the mantle of Spider-Man.

It’s a sort of challenge on many levels in the story.

For one, we watch Doc Oc trying to do good in this new mantle. For another, since in the publication, parts of the public view Spider-Man as a potential menace, now the readers can join the franchise public and view Spidey as that same potential menace.

You get to know how the public feels about Spidey now!

And it seems, that Marvel is looking to take Spidey down a darker avenue or tone, much like how dark Batman is. Which I find to be an interesting note.

This is the seemingly the final edition of the title, leading into the next phase of the Marvel universe of the NOW! series, where readers can now watch Octavious struggle with his situation of instinct or responsibilities of the situation he now finds himself in. Redemption sucks… it’s a lot of work.

So fans are in for quite the change and ride with this new development. And with Peter Parker’s mind gone, but his body still intact, obviously there’s tons of room for Peter to come back to his body. Because basically, death becomes us in the comics, as a state of defeat, but not a permanent state of exit.

[Source for above, plus more details: USA Today]

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