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by on April 6, 2012

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Social Media Logos, via CA DMV (facebook, rss feed, wordpress, youtube, twitter, email)Did you know that data centers used by providers like Google/YouTube & Facebook account for almost 2% of all power consumed by the U.S.? Or roughly $4.5 billion worth of electricity.

When I go to work, I actually work. On and off during my breaks I might check out a news link or two. I even check out a YouTube video or two. But I lay low with my web usage and if there’s something that might take up some time, I bookmark it and check it out when I get home.

Home… keyword there.

CNN had an interesting report that talked about how Proctor & Gamble had to shut down specific access to parts of the internet because too many of their folk were hitting up streaming content sites.

They have 129k employees and apparently, despite being lenient with their company internet access, had to clamp down on certain activities to keep the company online.

It seems their folk were watching around 50,000 YouTube vids… a day! And streaming about 4,000 hours of Pandora.

I found it amazing that so many folk got that comfortable, but to some degree, I almost get it.

I always find it interesting when folk get comfortable with their surroundings to actually get to the point that their personal surfing habits shut down a company as huge as P&G.

I get the music streaming… and to a degree I get the YT watching. YouTube feeds 4 billion video views a day.

But dang, staff almost taking a company’s connectivity down is impressive. P&G uses YouTube so they didn’t shut down access to that point on the web, but they did restrict access to Netflix to help free up bandwidth. I’m befuddled about that one.

Some folk don’t have that kind of freedom either, so for those of you who do, you should appreciate it and not abuse the privilege.

One person I know worked at a company that actually tracked each user’s habits. And every time they visited a non-approved site, would find it blocked the very next time they went there. Other companies already lock down all but the minimal kinds of web access.

You might want to review the internet policies of your company. Some companies have pretty strict enforcement and some companies use packet sniffers to track all their staff on the web. A buddy of mine worked for the state of Idaho and that state used to have a team of sniffers sitting in their darkened room, tracking everyone.

Even smartphones are cranking out the bandwidth, as usage is roughly doubling each year.

And here’s a thought… for all the environmental awareness that humanity is developing with recycling, turning off lights when not in use and such, these little deeds we all do to access all of our favored content like email, Facebook and Google’s products apparently takes its toll, with 2 billion web searches, email checks and such going on each day.

Recalling that $4 billion electric bill by content providers, I have to wonder if all our conservation is getting ahead of the game or not when it comes to using up our poor planet’s resources?

One of my favorite examples of saving power is that of leaving a light bulb on for 5 minutes without being the room.

If the estimated population of the United States, 312 million+ people, left a room for five minutes and left a light on, that adds up to 1.5 billion minutes of wasted energy. Or roughly a little over 3,000 years of unused light bulb usage… all from a mere five minutes.

A simple deed seems rather staggering if you think outside your own small box.

CNN Report: P&G Filters Internet Access to Employees.

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