When Executive Producers Go Bad: ABC’s GLASS HOUSE

by on June 7, 2012

in Entertainment

Brusimm Cinema Static TV NewsI was looking over this bit about CBS trying to get a restraining order against ABC to keep from airing their newest attempt at reality TV, Glass House.  At first I thought it seemed odd that CBS was feeling so insecure about the competition.

Turns out that the exec producer of Glass House is none other than a former producer of CBS’s Big Brother.  To make matters worse, apparently it looks like he based the ABC show off a manual that Big Brother was outlined from.

A manual that is considered to be a CBS proprietary document.  He referenced the manual during the development of Glass House.

The nitty gritty details where this former CBS staffer kept making a deeper and deeper hole for himself.

I’m not sure what he was thinking, but now he’s put himself, his future and ABC at a huge risk.

Now that’s a “duh” moment.

For the gory detailed account, check out Deadline.


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