When Users Take Their WoW Account Very Seriously [Fracking Funny Video]

by on September 30, 2010

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World of Warcraft

If you live and die by your parents approval system so you can have your perks like video games, you really need to understand what comes first… and with parents, that usually the studying and getting good grades. If you live too much in your WoW (World of Warcraft) life, sometimes reality takes a hit. And when things in your reality take a hit, like say, your grades, you will get in trouble. How you deal with that trouble, well, is a choice!

WoW Videogame Account rage 01(His rage is uncontainable)

His parents show their disapproval of his grades by canceling his WoW account. His brother charges in and sets up the camera before the victim comes in to vent his rage at getting cut off from his WoW account. This young man made his choice and literally made any fit I’ve ever had look rather complacent. (Well, at least from my end of things.)

World of Warcraft Video Game Account Cancelation rage 02It’s the ghost of Christmas rages

I love the part where he threatens to leave and they’ll never see him again… all while from under his comforter. Enjoy the frantic spate of anger… it’s an awesome rib-cracker. (And yes, there’s an irrational moment where he’s so upset that for a moment, he does something questionable with the remote, but thinks twice about it… if you listen carefully, you’ll hear an “ow.” The weird, irrational moment (Well, compared to the rest of the fit) doesn’t last. I think with all the screaming, it might not be something to play at work at full volume.) I also love how the vent ends when you hear from the background, a stern “Shut up!” This is an awesome Cinema Static Video Pick!

This is right in line with the other one of my all-time favorite funny commercial, The Walmart Clown Ad!

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