When Will Slusho Show up in “Super 8”

by on May 12, 2010

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Slusho, the mystery bond that connects all of J.J. Abrams movies into one source. When, do you think it will show up in Super 8? In my mind, it’s not a question of whether it will or not, but when? Slusho is one of a long line of fictional beverages in the world of entertainment, like Alamo Beer in King of the Hill, Duff Beer & Buzz Cola in The Simpson’s and other yummy ideas.

Slusho first found its huge public notoriety in Cloverfield. Everyone went ape-crazy trying to understand how Slusho and Cloverfield were related. They are related, slightly. Slusho was related to Cloverfield in as much as the fictional company that created Slusho may be responsible for releasing Clover on New York. (Inadvertently of course.)

As it turns out, one of the ingredients for Slusho comes from the ocean floor, at some of the deepest depths. It comes from the fictional company Tagruato, and on Tagruato’s website, just before Cloverfield opened, they had a news bulletin saying there’s been an altercation at the Chaui (drilling) Station. That station happens to be pretty close to Manhattan. They were drilling deep for that special addictive ingredient. “The Slusho! drinks are classic Slush beverages with the special ingredient of Seabed’s Nectar, giving it a highly addictive quality.”

That’s a wonderful tie-in to keep brand awareness of Slusho going.

But beyond Cloverfield, Slusho’s history is steeped in many of J.J. Abrams’ projects, and I am fully expecting to see a red colored drink in the upcoming Super 8. I really am!

slusho in Alias

Slusho’s first appearance in a J.J. Abrams project came about in the show, Alias.

– – – – –

Slusho in Star Trek

It’s made an appearance in Star Trek when Cadet Nyota Uhura orders one in the bar just before she meets Jim Kirk. (our future).

– – – – –

Slusho and Claire on Heroes

Slusho is enjoyed by cast members of Heroes.

– – – – –

And one night it just reached up and smacked me upside the head when it showed up on Fringe!

Slusho in Fringe

Slusho in Fringe

So what I’m getting at with this “Slusho History Lesson,” is that history repeats itself and if Slusho doesn’t show up somewhere in Super 8, I would be surprised. I really enjoy J.J. Abrams insidious thought processes. It’s things like this that make the day at work more interesting. I totally get that.

And to be honest, Super 8 would be the perfect opportunity to push the slushy drink’s origins back even farther! But that’s just me. I could be wrong. But if I were Abrams, I’d be slinking it in somewhere!

– – – – –

Various sources and references (Yep, I was doing my homework!)

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Bruce Simmons June 12, 2011 at 12:54 am

Kelly… thank you so much for that tidbit. I went into the movie and had so much fun watching it that I completely forgot to look for our favorite icee-like refreshment! Thanks for letting us know! Thank you, thank you & thank you!

kelly June 11, 2011 at 6:24 pm

There is a Slusho poster on the side of the cigarette case above the counter in the convenience store (walkman scene). You get about one second to see it.

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