Where Did The Entertainment News Go on Brusimm?

by on June 24, 2015

in Entertainment

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Over the last few months I have seen that I have collected some new followers of my newsletter, in what I presume is interest in what I was reporting on from the entertainment side of things.

I’ve decided to put my focus of that kind of reporting over on Brusimm’s sister site, Cinema Static. The site is focused purely on that kind of content. BUT…

If you have signed up for the newsletter from this site, don’t fret. I have combined the two sites worth of news into a single newsletter that will now be coming out daily, M-F, now.

This site will be more focused on consumery things, book reviews and the like, while the main thrust of info from the fun realm of entertainment will be coming out of Cinema Static. Plus, some older posts that sit here will be getting moved over to CS as well.

This was a Google-driven decision in the hopes of helping grow my Cinema Static reader base.

Here’s the latest from CS:


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