Where Does NBC Get 29 Million Viewers for Revolution?

by on October 2, 2012

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Giancarlo Esposito, Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos and Revolution in Revolution from NBC

The ratings for last night’s whine-fest called Revolution shows just over 8 million folks watched the 10 p.m. slotted show, making it the number 1 viewed show at that time slot.

So I’m not getting where this 29 million viewer number comes from in the ads that NBC has been running, unless they’re adding up 7-day, online, and every other source for viewers. Hey, what ever works. Then again, the premiere was on VoD for a few weeks prior to actually airing, so maybe that’s also where some of the numbers come from.

FYI: News on the street is that NBC ordered a full season of Revolution.

I hope for god’s sake, that now that they have a full season, that they take advantage of the opportunity to fix the woman, no, girl who plays Charlie. (Tracy Spiridakos). When she’s stressed she raises her eyebrows, crinkles her brow and gets all broken-voiced… in the same fashion, over and over and over.

Or, if she’s not doing that, she’s willing to tackle 50-1 odds, without nary a thought of losing.

Or, when Miles tells her to stay put, I don’t think you can get to the count of 5 before she’s bolted for someplace other than “stay here.” (At least she’s consistently predictable.)

Aside from this character, I do like the show. All the other characters are making it for me. But I’m actually on the bubble about the series because of this girl’s acting.

I don’t believe her character… I’m not feeling it yet. So it’s a bit of a distraction for me.

There ya have it. My poor wife has to hear my imitation of her almost every time I see her mug on the screen. My wife starts to snap at me, but then I raise my eyebrows, crinkle my forehead and whine, “But we’re famileee…” (That soundbite is killing me every time NBC plays it.)

That’s my humor spout for the day and it was aimed at Revolution. I AM TRYING. Honestly. But I do hope Ms. Hunger Games grows into the role, because she’s got the steely-eyed arrow slinging look down pat!

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