Where is Joss Whedon’s ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ & ‘Red Dawn’ MGM?

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Where is the Joss Whedon produced and co-written project titled The Cabin in the Woods? Seriously, I know there are fans out there wanting to see this new movie that has been in the can since 2010, but it’s been shelved when MGM had their financial issues. But now that MGM seems to be on track once again, there are a slew of movies that need to get out into theaters… one of them being The Cabin in the Woods, another being the Red Dawn remake.

The Cabin in the Woods - Have Sex (A movie from Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard)

Here’s a peculiar coincidence that exists between these two projects and few others that are coming out right now:

Joss Whedon is directing The Avengers

Chris Hemsworth is in Thor & The Avengers.

'Thor' - Chris Hemsworth PL004_

Poor Chris Hemsworth, whose next release we’ll be seeing is Thor (May 6th) is in both stalled projects from MGM. And the odd part to all this is that some of the cast that are in these movies are already on the fast track of making names for themselves.

From Dan Bradley’s directed Red Dawn, there’s Adrianne Palicki (upcoming Wonder Woman NBC TV series); Isabel Lucas (upcoming Relativity Media’s Immortals); plus it will be good to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan again.

For Cabin in the Woods, directed by Drew Goddard, Jesse Williams is becoming known for his role in Grey’s Anatomy, and I can imagine fans of Fran Kranz and Amy Acker are patiently waiting for this film to come out.

The Cabin in the Woods was ready to go but got pulled back from a theater release so that MGM could apply post-production 3D to the movie. 3D became all the rage from the studios side of the business back in ’09/’10 and MGM wanted to capitalize on it. But then they ran into their financial issues and we lost our chance to see the movie.

But post-production 3D effects have also been based pretty hard by critics across the board and this would have been a mild waste of time and money for MGM back then. Not too many are keen on this process. If it is not filmed in 3D, don’t waste our time. That’s what I’m seeing out there from the consumers.

The Cabin in the Woods is Whedon and Goddard’s attempt at subverting the classic horror tropes. The marketing had just started and the catch phrases on the promo art was, well, what we’d expect from Whedon:

“If an old man warns you not to go there, make fun of him.”

“If something is chasing you, split up.”

“If you hear a strange sound outside, have sex.”

All very wise observations from the genre by our movie makers. They say very little is known about the story of Cabin and I’m impressed no one has leaked out much info on it.

If what I’ve seen of the script from The Cabin in the Woods is accurate, the premise behind the movie will not only be pretty funny, but it is damn near a wonderfully original take on the genre. I don’t recall seeing anything like this… though I could be wrong, getting senile and forgetting everything I know.

Why aren’t We Seeing The Cabin in the Woods?

So with things as they are, what’s up with these movies. Here are my guesses:

Marketing tests didn’t show strong numbers. If the pre-marketing tests came back a bit flat, what’s the rush? They can hold off and release either movie during a quieter part of the movie season.

The other premise I’m thinking of is that with potential conflict of competition, they’re waiting for Joss’s latest project, The Avengers, or Hemsworth’s work in Thor to come and go first.

Or better yet, is it possible they’re just biding their time and waiting to both movies to come out and then they can add some potential sizzle to their marketing of Cabin and Dawn?

Red Dawn has had some news where they’ve reported that the villain in the movie has been changed from the Chinese to North Korea.

With The Cabin in the Woods, in an interview with IGN, Chris Hemsworth said he’s heard that it will be coming out later in the year. (Plus, no reshoots are needed for Red Dawn since the dialog about the enemy was vague, never declaring the actual enemy.)


The Cabin in the Woods on imdb

Red Dawn on imdb

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The One True b!X April 12, 2011 at 1:53 pm

All of this has been purely financial. The first delay — October 23, 2009, to February 5, 2010 — was MGM not wanting to compete with a Saw movie. The second delay — February 5, 2010, to January 14, 2011 — was to convert it to 3D.

But long the way, MGM went into financial meltdown, and the 3D conversion never happened. (They did run tests.) At some point along that long history, there was at least one test screening, which reportedly went very well.

At this point, according to the last public reports anyway, neither Red Dawn nor The Cabin in the Woods has been picked up by a distributor.

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