Whether Gary Ross is In or Out of ‘Catching Fire’ Is Still Up For Debate!

by on April 8, 2012

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'Catching Fire', 'The Hunger Games' movie sequel

Back on April 4th it was (apparently accurately) reported that no director is yet lined up with The Hunger Games movie sequel, Catching Fire.  That came from THR.

But then two days later I spouted out the news that Gary Ross was out of the director’s chair for Catching Fire.  The source for that tidbit came from The Playlist.

Turns out that today, THR is reporting that Ross isn’t out of the sequel yet because he’s been in Italy and got back last Friday.

With that being said, whether he’s in or out, there are concerns about getting this project off the ground in a short amount of time.

That’s because Fox is first dibs on Jennifer Lawrence (who played Katniss) and shooting for her role in the next X-Men First Class movie in January.  That means that who ever takes to the director’s chair, per the THR report, is needing to git going and start shooting by August of this year.

Gary Ross, director of The Hunger Games

On top of that kind of crazy time crunch, there’s also the pay raise that is reportedly desired by Ross…  but at this point, I’m not sure what to believe!

Wow… and in a few days, will he be remaking Harry Potter next year?  It’s interesting how trusted sources have a conflict in news, though THR has been pretty consistent, if all these new points are accurate/true.

In the mean time, all we know is that Gary Ross has not signed on yet for the Hunger Games sequel, titled Catching Fire.

And that’s that…  besides the news that The Hunger Games pulled in anothe $33M at the box office, pushing its worldwide tally to an estimated $303M.

Source, again:  THR.

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