While Revolution TV Ratings Straggle, Let’s Take a 3-month Hiatus

by on October 31, 2012

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It’s no secret I have a love/hate relationship with NBC’s Revolution.  They’re winning out in a specific, key demographic, but in overall viewers, their TV ratings are landing them outside the top-25 most watched shows each week.

Billy Burke in Revolution

And of course, there’s a strong contingent of fans who are not “gelling” with the lead actress, Tracy Spiridakos, and her portrayal techniques.  I can’t decide what’s more annoying… Charlie making stupid decisions, like trying to save someone and not unlocking the door, or stating that 3 of them should just charge out and take on 50 bad guys, OR, her emotional delivery has something to be desired also.  It all adds up.

For me, everything going on around her is good, entertaining story. She’s just the distraction.

But then since the show’s started, NBC has been creatively marketing how popular the series is.  First, by pumping up the number of viewers, then by declaring it the most watched show, and then, possibly giving away a huge, upcoming reveal [The Mystery to the Power Outage Revealed?] and now, “tricky” episode marketing, all are sending up warning smoke signals.

In my mind, huge reveals that come way early in a story, are signs of bad tidings for the future of a show.  Tricky marketing is another bad sign, when they’re manipulating viewers expectations of upcoming stories.

The tricky marketing was that this weeks’ episode seemed to have the bad guy saying that in trade for something, “I want her” and points to Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos).  Other images from the ep seem pretty suggestive as to what he “wants.”  But the “I want her” line is abruptly cut off for the ad, where the rest of it finishes out, “I want her to do it.”  Meaning infiltrate a competitors camp and kill the leader. Not that other “thing” that seemed to be hinted at.  Shame shame on NBC for lying to your TV consumer market.

NBC’s entire marketing campaign has been based around coy and deceptive sale pitches and for me, it reeks.  They don’t need the tricks.  The show is fine.

But now, with the announcement of NBC’s mid-season premiere dates, it seems that NBC is giving Revolution a THREE MONTH BREAK once its November episodes run their course.

I’m not sure but I’m guessing they don’t remember what happened to their previous genre shows like The Event, V, or FlashForward when they took extended breaks. But my guess is that someone inside the infrastructure of NBC does not like genre shows or the writing on the wall is too grim to stomach and they’re setting Revolution up for a fall.

What gives?

In it’s place starting January 7th, NBC is putting a brand new drama called Deception.  (Originally titled Infamous).

Tracy Spiridakos whining again in Revolution(Wah!)

My hope is that in that hiatus, they make a huge change to Tracy Spiridakos method of acting, swap her out, or get her character to be much more somber so we can stop being exposed to those crinkled klingon forehead moments and whiny, pitchy pleas of familial status.  Ug!


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Belinda November 8, 2012 at 2:41 pm

This is one show that I just love ( my mom does too) I watch very few other shows because I feel they are boring. I think all the acting is well done and that includes Tracy, I have also become a big fan of Billy Burke ( Miles). This is only of the few shows we look forward to each week, so it is too bad they are going to have such a long break, wanting to keep it after their #1 show the Voice, I think the show can stand on its own. This show is one of the most interesting on and I hope that it goes for many more seasons.

65TB November 7, 2012 at 7:11 pm

I love Revolution. I think Tracy Spiridakos is the most talented actor/actress on the show. She does an excellent job of portraying a young woman, who has lost her dad, lost her brother, and is generally trying to figure out what is going on. Charlie is a good person with a good heart. Tracy does an excellent job of capturing the many different emotions that her character experiences. I think Revolution will be on for a long time . Tracy Spiridakos is the heroine of the show and her desire and pursuit of goodness will carry Revolution for many years!!

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