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by on July 31, 2010

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Natasha Alam

About Natasha Alam

Natasha Alam showed up on True Blood this year after landing the role of Yvetta, who has been reported to be Eric’s newest dancer at Fangtasia and reportedly will be having some intimate moments with Eric. (Alexandar Skarsgard.) I thought she had a great look, but then a few different folks contacted me and asked if I could dig up more info on Natasha! So be it! (Yep, I do Entertainment Investigative work, but reader request. Don’t be shy!)

The Russian born Natasha Alam first popped up on the radar screen in 2002 in a one-time role of Katiya in Fastlane (with Peter Facinelli & Tiffani Thiessen). In that same year, she appeared in the short film Pack of Dogs as Hope.

Since then, she’s had one-time appearances on TV series like CSI, NYPD Blue, Wanted, Nip/Tuck, The Unit, Entourage, My Own Worst Enemy and the Syfy Channel movie called War Wolves (as Erica). She’s had recurring roles on the 2 TV shows American Heiress & The Bold and the Beautiful.

Natasha Alam

On the silver screen her movie projects of note include the movies City Park City, Shadow Puppets, The Women and has an upcoming project called 39.

It would seem that HBO’s True Blood is the most popular venue she’s ever appeared in, to date. Natasha Alam was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and it looks like she’s been pretty focused on her career. For any fan of hers, one can hope that True Blood & Playboy will pay off for her. Huh? Did I say Playboy? Sure did!

Natasha Alam in Playboy

Natasha Alam on the July 2010 cover of PLAYBOY

The July 2010 issue of Playboy has Natasha on the cover. Me, I just read the articles.

Now we all know that if anything, True Blood prepared Natasha for her Playboy pictorial, considering how much skin we get from the show. (Yea, remind me to write some letter of complaint letter. Right now, too busy watching!) I love her statement about approaching nudity in True Blood, from this article on Access Hollywood:

Ive never done nudity before, so I was really, really worried at how Im gonna, whats the rule, how [are] you supposed to handle yourself and stuff and Alexander helped me so much, she explained. He just walked in, in the room, dropped his robe and he was all out there, no sock, nothing and I was like, Oh, OK, so [its] that easy? I can do it too.

Ladies, stay calm!

In this video interview from On The Red Carpet, (OTRC), she doesn’t sound like she has an accent from her homeland of Russia, and that’s because she’s worked hard at it. In 2001, she moved to the Los Angeles area to continue her professional development and one of those is accent reduction. It’s nothing new. If you’ve ever heard Hugh Laurie in his native accent, it will trip you up. The same with Jamie Bamber. And I’m sure many more actors and actresses out there but those two were the most recent professionals I’ve personally been in the presence of and had my jaw drop when they spoke.

Natasha Alam

Natasha has previously modeled under the Russian model agency Red Stars & the Italian agency, International Model Management. She is divorced and her MySpace page, today, says she’s in a relationship.

If you’re a fan of the band Shangri-La, who is based in Los Angeles, then you’ve heard Natasha as she’s the lead vocalist for them. She also studies WUSHU.

Here’s a 8-minute demo real from Natasha

My latest news for Natasha is from July 29th, where she’s reported that she was doing a nude scene on the set of Belle Gunnes. (Per her Twitter acct)

I have to say, from she has a wonderful range of looks and appearances and someone who has such a variability of hot looks can definitely have an edge over someone with the same look every day. I hope we see more of Natasha on TV and the big screen!

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If you actually read to this point, then maybe now is a great time to note that she is also in July issue of Maxim. Another fine reading source!

Natash Alam in Maxim

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