Who Played the Familiar in “Supernatural” Ep “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits?”

by on February 21, 2013

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Portia, the familiar in In the Supernatural episode 8.15, titled “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits,” the question remains, who played the familiar in that episode. Read on and find out!

In “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits,” we had a great story about a man who dove into the dark arts of witchcraft. Subsequently, it appeared as if something was going terribly afoul with his life. Very afoul! He was having terrible dreams that seemed to coming true, as he found evidence of the dreams in the morning.

Sam and Dean get a text from the man, being they’re friends, asking for their help with his situation. He seemed that desperate.

As the Winchester brothers arrive on the scene, it turns out that the man’s familiar, a doberman pincher/slash exotically gorgeous woman, was the one who used the man’s phone to text Sam and Dean.

A familiar is a witch’s trusted animal companion. In this case, the animal companion could shape shift into a woman. Uncommon, but in this case, it helped the story move along. And if I dare say so, wonderful eye candy for some.

The brothers arrive to save the day. And the story evolved and there were some great misdirects that was reminiscent of how ABC’s Castle episodes evolve.

In the end, it was a pretty in-depth tale with some mystery and intrigue that was a little different than the norm for Supernatural. I liked it.

But then I got an email from a few folks asking about the man’s familiar and who she was.

Mishael Morgan, photo by Ace HicksThe character’s name was Portia and she was played by actress Mishael Morgan. Mishael was born in San Fernando, Trinidad, and when she was five, her family moved to Toronto, Canada.

Where could you have previously seen her before? She just came on the scene in 2008 so she’s just getting her feet under her. And judging from her role as Portia, she seems to be coming along just fine.

Mishael Morgan has had recurring roles in TV series such as The Best Years, Family Biz, and Republic of Doyle. She’s guested on TV series like Covert Affairs, Awakening, She’s the Mayor and Beauty and the Beast.

Mishael Morgan in She’s had roles in movies like Casino Jack, You Got Served: Beat the World and was the Rekall receptionist in the Total Recall remake.

For someone who has only had a few roles, she seemed to me like a seasoned actress. And her banter with Dean was priceless at times. I can’t wait to see what other roles she may land in her future. She seems to be getting roles in solid projects like Supernatural and Total Recall. She’s represented by Ambition Talent and Talent Works.

Future projects coming up include (on TV) Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds & the movie Swearnet: The Movie. You can follow her on Twitter or her Facebook page, if interested.

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