Who So Callous, Can Throw A Kitten Out A Car Window?

by on June 5, 2012

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A Cat, My own, daring me to do something...I read a piece in my local paper about a cat that was tossed out of a moving car on the freeway recently. It was rescued, but not without incident as it’s already lost one leg and another leg is in a cast. (Tues. 6-5-12 Daily Post) I went online to try and get some more details by looking up kitten tossed out on freeway, and was just shocked beyond words to see the number of results for my web search. I cannot believe how many people just seem to think it’s OK to throw a living creature out of a window of a moving vehicle.

Seriously. Did you parents not have any children that lived?

What kind of callous, piece of *! human can actually take a kitten and toss it out their car window? Can you sleep at night after doing that? Are you that *ing lazy that you can’t even try to go to an animal shelter to drop it off in one of their drop boxes? It’s not that hard. Cripes, you could even try asking a neighbor to do it for you if you’re not too, too lazy.

Personally, I think anyone whose tossed an animal out of a movie car, should themselves have the same treatment bestowed on them. See how it feels. (Sorry, my world pretty much is an eye for an eye kind of place.)

Some people… I don’t have the words… well, I have words, but I’m trying not to use them here. And. It’s. Hard.

I’m just shocked that folks can actually think that way and I had to put everything aside that I was planning to do during this moment, and spout my frustration at parts of humanity.

Here’s one of my web search results, which ends in a happy way, from Detroit, MI.

For cat folks who are interested, this is the link to a no-kill animal (cat) shelter, Nine Lives Foundation.

On a humorous-ending note, the header image for this post is my own cat, staring at me, saying, “Sure, go ahead. Try and throw me out a window. Watch what happens next!

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Bruce Simmons June 9, 2012 at 10:13 pm

Let’s focus on what this article is about. I can’t do anything about PTSD, but then again, that’s not what I was writing about. I’m bringing attention to animal cruelty. Like the comment rules say, stay on point and be constructive.

Bruce Simmons June 9, 2012 at 9:11 pm

There’s zero reasons or excuses for some low-life tossing a living creature out of a moving vehicle on the freeway.

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