Who Was John Moresco, Law & Order SVU Dedication

by on September 26, 2012

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Law and Order SVU season 14 - who was John Moresco

Tonight I tuned into the 14th season premiere of Law & Order: SVU way late and only saw the last 20 minutes of it but noted that the episode was dedicated to John Moresco.

I was wondering who he was and here’s what seems to be the information on John Moresco:

That he was a driver in the television industry, under the Theatrical Teamsters Local 817, in New York.  He passed away in August of this year, 2012.

He is noted for having driven for projects such as 2010’s For Colored Girls & The Switch, 2009’s Precious, 2006’s Little Children & 1994’s Leon: The Professional.  Having been in the industry for many years and only adding these credits under his name, I suspect he was a humble man.

With limited clues, this is the best information I can deduce on who the man was.

R.I.P. good sire.

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