Who Was The Woman Behind The Jersey Coach During The Stanley Cup Finals?

by on June 12, 2012

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Stanley Cup Finals Girl Behind The Coach, Taylor StevensI’m a bit slow but I had just taken notice of the “background” attendee that was being spotted behind the coach for the New Jersey team on Monday night’s final game of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Apparently she had been there for the other games that took place Los Angeles as well. (BTW: CONGRATS Los Angeles Kings!!!)

But be it as it may, apparently the cameraman was working hard at making sure she, or more specifically, her assets, were included in the moments when they were showing the New Jersey coach.  On more than a few occasions, you can see them hit up the coach in a shot, then slowly pan back until she was included in the frame, even if it meant having the coach off-centered in the picture!  LOL.

Girl behind the coach at the Stanley Cup finals NJ vs LAAnd no, not only was I not complaining, but I was looking for more “human reactions” from the Jersey coach every time the Kings scored a goal.  And I’m thinking many men were not complaining.

Turns out the woman behind New Jersey’s coach is Taylor Stevens.  She’s a porn star and it looks like she was angling for some publicity during the games.  She got my publicity, that’s for sure.

And check this out… the coach was caught looking… “But Lucy, I can ‘splain!!!”

I can’t find an acceptable image of the girl, so here’s an audition clip of her…

This was my fun post for the day/week/month…

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