Who’s The Woman in the Fiat TV Commercial?

by on March 21, 2012

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Who is the woman in the Fiat Ad?

Now there’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves ever since we saw this TV ad for Fiat during the 2012 Super Bowl… who is that woman in the Fiat ad?

The woman in the Fiat Abarth ad is none other than Catrinel Menghia. And like I’ve seen said around the web… the ads during the Super Bowl were fun and generated some great laughs, but you could hear a pin drop when this ad aired! Am I right?

Catrinel Menghia was born in Romania but lives in Milan, Italy. But before you start packing your bags guys, you should know she’s spoken for, and married to Italian ex-footballer Massimo Brambati.

That woman in the Fiat as is Catrinal MenghiaIf you think she looks familiar, you may have seen her in other jobs. She’s presently the Giorgio Armani girl, has done shoots for the 2006 South African Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, FHM, Maxim, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, GQ, and ad campaigns for Emporio Arman, Peroni, Bruno Manetti, & Cotton Club. She also did (or is doing?) a stint as the lingerie model for Lise Charmel.

You can also catch her over in the sportsillustrated: 2011 swimsuit model search.

She definitely embodies a specific, jaw-dropping look in the Fiat commercial, that’s for sure.

Since you might NOT remember the YouTube video, I thought I’d put it up here…. ’cause you know… it’s good to have a great memory about some things!

[youtube link]

[Fiat Ad Model]

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