Why I May Never Buy Another MOTOROLA Smartphone Again

by on February 19, 2015

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Fixing the power/lock button on my Motorola RAZR

The following is my own consumer experience, opinion and reaction on what has become a most unfortunate product experience with my Motorola Droid smartphone.

I have been a faithful Motorola phone consumer ever since I had my first cell phone. I took a one-year break to check out what smartphones were all about, but my Samsung Omnia had frustrated me so much that I swore off smartphones and anything made by Samsung. That was eight years ago and I still have zero Samsung products in my home because of it. (I have a problem letting go.)

Anyone who follows me personally, this site or its associated social networks might have seen my yakking about the issues with our Motorola phones. Oh yes, plural. The issues I bring forth are experiences from myself, my wife’s phone, and three peers who own the same phone. It’s weird how when you grumble about your phone’s failings and others pipe up, “Me too!”

If it were only myself, I could explain it off as a unique and unlucky consumer experience. But when several friends are saying the same thing about our aging Motorola phones, I get suspicious and start looking for the corporate “black helicopters.” Or as I discovered during some research, I encountered the premise of “planned obsolescence.”

Did you know that Motorola Mobile is now owned by Lenovo? (Bought them from Google in January 2014). Yep, Motorola is only that in name.

I’ve been frustrated with many facets of my phone of late but the last straw hit recently when it took nearly ten minutes to try and get a decent, focused, indoor pic from five feet away of two dogs sitting on the couch. But that’s one of a multiple number of issues I’ve been having with my phone.


The battery drains out even if you don’t use the phone.

One day I decided to see if my battery drain was from my usage, so I abandoned my phone for a single 24-hour period. When I came back to it the next day, it had burned through 75% of the charge.

Albeit that may be a function of apps trying to do things behind my back, but still.


I have a two to ten second lag between hitting the shutter button and when the camera captures the picture.

To be fair, it works great in perfect sunlight on a clear blue day. And to be honest, it IS NOT a camera. Even if the iPhone products crank out fantastic image capturing machines while my phone embarrasses me when I end up posting fuzzy scenics, or when it takes too much time to snap a pic, and sometimes takes what feels like forever to even start up. I’ll never be able to catch that Sasquatch picture with this phone, ever.

On the bright side, it has inspired me to carry a real camera with me at all times now.

Ear Phone Jack

I’ve seen this complaint on various bulletin boards and what not, but for me to get my ear buds to work, I have to plug in and twist around until I get that magical contact going so that the sound comes through my ear pieces and not the phone itself.

That could just be the “age” of the phone, having not quite been used for two years yet.

CORRECTION/UPDATE: I just tried to use my ear phones and I have discovered that the ear piece jack no longer works, period.

Hot Spot Heat

When I use my phone as a hotspot, dang, if it does not get blistering hot at times. I can’t pin down a consistent pattern of when or how it gets hot, but every time it hits some degree of warm to hot when I hotspot it.

Network Switch

When I traverse a zone between, for example, my home network and out in the real world under the 4G LTE, it seems to get confused and stalls what ever function it is trying to do while it sorts itself out.

This may very well be normal among many different phones, but it seems to be taking longer and longer to resolve my network swaps.

Touch Screen

This is probably a function of how I tap my home screen, but when I touch my screen to start a desktop app, the screen slides left about a third of the time.Then there’s the window with all the programs and how about half the time when I am trying to scroll the pages left or right, it seems to pick up a random app to start for me instead of sliding the screen left. Again… it could be my screen touching technique.

Can’t Turn Alarms Off

I tend to use the clock on my phone for various alarms. When the alarm goes off you press the center button and slide to the right to turn the alarm off. But about half the time it takes about half a minute to turn it off. It is quite sluggish to react to my shut down command.


To be honest, these are all little things, with the exception of the camera taking up to 15 seconds to snap a pic. But they are my (and my peers) consumer experience that may not reflect upon Motorola as a whole. I have been a faithful consumer and I feel like I am being betrayed by how this phone is now performing. And sadly, I have a very long memory. Ask Samsung.

As a consumer I don’t have many avenues of recourse but the one I do have is how I “speak” with my wallet. Ask Samsung. (Wait, I keep saying that.)

So the question begs to be asked, what’s next? LG? iPhone? Lenovo has been noted to saying they don’t want to be second to Samsung in some markets. So is it back to Samsung maybe? I’m close to the end of my present two year contract, so I’ll be able to get one of those “free upgrades” that only cost a few hundred dollars when all is said and done.

It seems that planned obsolescence is a real business practice that sadly the consumer is stuck with. It seems more prevalent than some would like to believe, but if you dwell on it, thinner plastic bottles, products that don’t last as long as they used to, well, you know the drill.

That’s my rant! Are you having similar issues with your older Droid? Thanks for reading.

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