Why I’m Excited About Joss Whedon’s Movie, ‘The Avengers?’

by on May 1, 2012

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The Avengers, from Joss Whedon, movie logo

I’m pretty jazzed about the premiere of The Avengers, a movie from Joss Whedon. But why, you ask, am I excited for this movie? I’ve been thinking about it and here are some of my own personal reasons/perspectives on this issue.

For one, this movie brings some of my favorite comic book icons to life on the silver screen. When comic book characters are done well on the silver screen, it’s an exceptional experience to see your favorite characters brought to life in yet one more dimension. The first dimension is in the comics. The second is in one’s imagination. And the third is this, a well executed movie.

Well executed movies in the superhero category have, to date, been few and far between. That is, until Christoper Nolan stepped up and put some creative genius into his Batman movie franchise.

Second, what is even more exciting is that not only are fan boys (and girls) getting a chance to experience this movie, but non genre fans are piling into the movie theater and also appreciating and enjoying the characters that many of the long-time fans have enjoyed over the years.

It almost feels like a validation of sorts, that our comic heroes have come to life and everyone around us likes them too.

And to have Joss Whedon helm this box office record setting movie is another notch in the victory belt, since his work has captured the hearts of many other genre fans.

This movie is like the joining of three worlds of fans: The Whedonverse, Marvel comics and movie-goers just being introduced to this form of entertainment.

So yes, I’m pretty excited to see The Avengers when it opens in theaters May 4th.

Just in case…

Who Are The Avengers?

Captain America in The Avengers

The Avengers is a movie of a sauperhero team-up of Marvel comic property characters. The characters include a super-soldier from yesteryear, Captain America (Chris Evans), whose red, white and blue uniform and shield are iconic visuals of the comic book world.

Iorn Man in The Avengers

Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), a powered exoskeleton type suit designed by a genius billioanaire, who could very well be the more popular character of the group.

Thor in The AvengersThor (Chris Hemsworth), a mythical Norse god who helps us humans fight off evil.

The Hulk in The AvengersHulk (Mark Ruffalo)… a huge green, angry guy that literally, has the capability of being the strongest guy/creature there is. (He gets stronger, the madder he gets. It’s a no win situation fighting this guy)

The Black Widow in The AvengersThe Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)… a Russian spy lady with great fighting skills, and works for SHIELD.

Hawkeye in The AvengersHawkeye (Jeremy Renner)… a highly skilled combatant whose primary talent is with the bow and arrow.

Nick Fury in The AvengersThe Avengers initiative is something that Col. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) of SHIELD initiated to pull together a group of superheros just in case of something that is too big for his organization to handle.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is a fictional espionage and secret military law-enforcement agency.

SHIELD: In the comics, it originally stood for Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division but was later changed to Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate.

In the movies, SHIELD stands for Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.

Loki in The AvengersWith that said, the movie focuses on our group of heroes banding together to face off against Thor’s evil brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), as he comes after the Earth.

The movie, at the time of when I wrote this a few days back, was kicking butt and taking names at the international box office window… and that’s cool. My fellow overseas movie-goers are appreciating my heroes too… movies are the international language.

That’s pretty awesome.

See you at the theater when I hit up The Avengers at the theater!


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