Why You Should Not Get Hooked on BAD JUDGE, A to Z, UTOPIA

by on November 3, 2014

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In case you find yourself liking shows like Bad Judge, A to Z, or Utopia, you might want to take a step back and let them go.

NBC has cancelled Bad Judge and A to Z while Fox has cancelled Utopia.

Judge and Z will run out their season to their completion, while Fox is axing Utopia outright.

Also slashed from the schedule, is Manhattan Love Story and insider experts say that Selfie could be next on the schedule slasher list. Too bad. From the ads, it looked cute… but my schedule is booked.

On the bright side:

In case you find yourself liking Scorpion, they got a full season order, (This show has surprised me), along with Stalker, Gotham, and The Flash. All shows that are surprising me, despite my dour hopes.

On the other hand, Parenthood is wrapping up its final season in a gripping fashion of reality while Sons of Anarchy just continues to keep fans guessing where its headed and how it will end. To be honest, Gemma is the female equivalent of Walter, from Breaking Bad. Nuts and causing all kinds of issues for everyone. But will Jax ever discover her duplicity?

That’s all I have for ya!

source: TVMI

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