Why You Will End Up Hating Niantic’s POKEMON GO

by on August 29, 2016

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Niantic’s Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm. Who knew that the fun of Pokemon extended throughout the generations to the point that young and old would be found enjoying the game. From young kids chasing their digital dreams, to parents and their kids running around town together, to even 80-year-old ladies shuffling through town chasing Poke stops. (Yes, I have seen that.)

But at some point the fun becomes a chore and suddenly you’re backing off and not playing as much, or as some reports suggest, over 15 million users have dropped off the face of the Pokemon GO planet. What’s up with that? I can take a guess, that’s for sure.

Oh, but where to start?

For one, it is fun chasing the little beasties around up until you’re about 15th to 20th level. Then it gets very tiresome if all you’re looking for is a bit of escape from the real world. By around 20th+ level, you’re looking at 100,000, 125,000 points per level.  F! that!

Battery Usage

Wow, in the time it takes most apps to burn through 10% of your battery, Pokemon GO can rip through 30-50% of your battery. You can turn the phone upside-down to save the battery but it turns itself off after being upside down for about five minutes, so that doesn’t work.

The game won’t work when you turn off the screen. It won’t run when it’s shuffled back as a background process. My guess is all the data its collecting on the user just preempts the opportunity to turn off features to save battery.

The popular theory skinny is that the battery usage is from using the GPS function as much as it does, since it doesn’t use hardly any data over your bandwidth. Which sounds fine on the surface, but if that were true, then my running app would have burned out my battery long ago, and it never has.

No, I think battery usage is coming from lighting up the screen as much as users do and the app. Looking at my battery usage, my SCREEN accounts for 46%, Pokemon Go – 27%. Yep, I’m still banking on Pokemon Go, considering its right behind Facebook for data usage.

Stupid F*ing Egg Hatching

Despite being around 23rd level, I see mostly 2km eggs, very few 5km eggs and so far, only 1 10km egg after all this time.  WTF?

How can I get rid of the 2km eggs? Is there some way to just dump them? I only ask because I’ve hatched 8 this weekend, just tying to get rid of them, and then, to hit up a Poke stop and guess what? More 2km eggs. Thanks Niantic!

Catching Pokemon

My Razz Berries don’t seem to have any affect any more. And yes, that’s when I throw balls when the target circle is at its smallest point.

I can’t determine any particular pattern from trying to catch Pokemon.

Sometimes a basic poke ball works on 400 CP critters, while my Great Ball’s and Ultra Balls seem useless.

The other day I had a 300CP rat run away from a Great Ball after two tosses. I’ve gone through 10-15 Poke Balls on 100CP critters, and my Ultra Balls seem to have ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of catching 700, 800 or 1000 CP+ creatures. I went through 15 Ultras and 10 Greats to NOT catch a 1200CP bird before I quit and moved on.

Just last night, I encountered an 800CP Growlithe. I went through 15 Razz Berries, 5 standard, 10 Great and 9 Ultra Balls on it. They all hit. Razz Berries were used every few shots, and I’d say a third of my shots hit when the target circle was at its tiniest. And then it just poof!, ran away in a cloud of dirt.

This morning I threw 10 Poke balls and 3 Ultra balls at a 668 CP moth. Half those hits were “excellent” hits. It flew away.

WTF Niantic?

{No, I do not normally throw and throw and throw until I’m out. I thought I’d see what would happen, for purposes of this piece.}

I love how AFTER you launch a ball, any ball, a poke critter now sometimes goes into its defensive move and defends against you.

The Store

If you need more supplies, they will be more than willing to sell them to you. But to be honest, you don’t get that much for dropping a few bucks. The incubators are x-time uses, getting a bigger back pack only nets you about 50 more items… every time you upgrade it. Or, I’m guessing, as creatures become more difficult to capture and like myself, you find yourself going through ALL your poke balls, well, you can buy those too, if you want.

As I get up there in the Pokemon GO levels, more and more creatures are getting away or taking more equipment to catch. Now I’m high and dry of things except for a bucket load of 2km eggs, and needing balls to catch Pokemon. If I didn’t know any better, this game, at the upper levels, is starting to feel like a money trap.

Yea, I have a life to live and I am getting tired of emptying my backpack then camping out around Poke Stops.

Things I’d like To See In PokemonGO

I’d love to see Poke Stops become automated dispensers so you don’t have to stop to spin the dial. Enforce a speed restriction, but cripes, I’m killing batter just looking at the screen.

I would love to get both candy and dust when I trade Pokemon into the Professor.

Lighten up just a little on the speed restrictions. So far I’ve had to confirm I’m a passenger while walking, riding my bike, then of course, in my car and on the commuter train. The last two make sense, but seriously, while walking???

Though I think I get it and why there are time restrictions on earning your 10 free coin in the games, I’d like to see the coin blackout period shortened to maybe 8, 12 or 14 hours instead of 21. I would be more encouraged to tackle more gyms if I had more hope! As it is, most gyms I get kicked out in an hour, then I have to wait 20 hours for another coin-making endeavor.

As an upper level player, it always surprises me when <50CP creatures defend against and get away from me. On a daily basis. Shouldn’t my amount of experience/level make these <50CP creatures easier to catch for upper level players?

Have upper-level players see fewer f*ing 2km eggs, and more 10km eggs. I mean holy f*k! A single 10km egg in 23 levels? Really? This last weekend I put in about 20km of running to hatch out about 9 of these space-wasting 2km eggs.

Give players the option to “trade in” 2km eggs for dust or points or something.

Fix your battery-saving mode to not turn the game off when you hold your phone upside down for longer than five minutes.

Allow your game to track distance and what not, in the background so we CAN turn off our screens, like we do for all our other apps.

– – –

At this point, I get why 15 million people have dropped off the face of the Pokemon GO digital world in just a month. When you have to chase 125k points (at this stage) and losing creatures more often than I did as a low-level player, it’s starting to smell fishy and I can’t recommend playing this game any more to anyone I know, no matter what the age. And in my region/neighborhood, I am not alone in how I feel.

Sure, the first 10 to 15 levels are fun, but after a while I need to move on to reading my Kindle app, listening to music once again (The app doesn’t always play well with other apps, at all.) and what not.

Because I can only envision that if it takes more than 125k to get to level 24, how the hell the other levels will be looking, and how many more simple critters will be getting away, how many more 2km eggs I will have to suffer through and other bits.

– – –

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