Will AGENT CARTER Survive The TV Ratings?

by on January 8, 2015

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TV Ratings

It seems that the premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter got off to a slow start, according to Inside TV. Per their report Agent Carter netted 6.9 million viewers, translating to a “1.9” in adults from 18-49. (That’s the money spending demographic that advertisers want to appeal to.)

But of interest was that the premiere started out at a “2.0” and declined to a “1.7” in the last thirty minutes of the show.

The report at first made it sound like the show had horrible numbers, but to be honest netting almost 7 million viewers is not too shabby, putting it second behind a CBS programming slate.

Then the “explanations” for the numbers started to flow…

Agent Carter‘s ratings were:

  • 12 percent higher than Agents of SHIELD 2014/15 season average.
  • 60 percent lower than Agents of SHIELD 2013 series premiere.
  • The demo numbers for this premiere matched The CW’s numbers for when The Flash premiered.

Take any of this as you will, but to be honest, as cool as a Captain America (girlfriend) spinoff seems, and as fun as the premise from the Agent Carter short seemed, how much of a lure can this show be?

Agents of SHIELD has the potential to cross paths with superheros from the Marvel Cinematic Universe from time to time, but Carter does not.

Sure, the show could inject some meta humans in that series as well, but I think they’re trying to stay grounded with the show. But will good vs. evil in a different era pull in the numbers?

Obviously hopes are that the show will retain numbers close to its premiere but to be honest, very few shows do. Their ratings numbers tend to slip from one episode to another, until mid-season or season end’s finale episodes, when everyone tunes back in.

Be it as it may, I’ve also seen scattered reports that Agents of SHIELD is getting put on various website’s watch lists for getting cancelled.

Now THAT show has improved immensely over the first half of it’s first season, so I hope it can continue its journey, if for anything else, the great cross overs between Marvel’s movies and this show. I just wish they had a few more.

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