Will Rescue be in Iron Man 3? Plus Some New Production Stills

by on October 22, 2012

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Iron Man 3 - Will Rescue be in it?

So will Rescue be in Iron Man 3? I have no clue. But I saw nothing of the kind in the teasers for the trailer that’s coming out soon. But there is a new paint scheme for Iron Man, which for me, is far enough away from the classic look that something is lost for me. But still… It’s shellhead!

I’ve seen and heard questions on if Pepper Potts will be donning an armor of her own in Iron Man 3?

an Iron Man 3 movie still

In the comic franchise, Pepper Potts gets her own armor and she’s called Rescue. She ended up with the armor when she also ended up with bomb shrapnel around her heart, and Stark saves her life with the similar tech he used for himself.

Potts Rescue armor is the Mark 1616. In it, she joins Rhodey and Tony and usually works on helping the innocent victims of the big fights, the civilians.

I don’t see the armor numbers getting that high in Iron Man 3 yet, but hey, you never know.

Quick update (11-9-12): Pepper Does Put On The Armor.

an Iron Man 3 movie still

This question was raised at Comic-Con, but as is the usual practice at live events, the question was given validity by the standard, that’s a “good question” routine, and “we’ve talked about it” replies.

“Everyone at this table thinks it would be the coolest thing in the world to see Pepper get in the suit at some point,”

Judging from that reply, I’d be surprised.

an Iron Man 3 movie still


The images were released by Disney/Marvel today.

In the image below, one has to wonder why they ripped the head off the 2nd armor from the right?

an Iron Man 3 movie still

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