Will Tony Stark Be Bad in CAPTAIN AMERICA 3?

by on October 14, 2014

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Avengers Age of Ultron Captain America broken shield

There could be light spoilers included here.

News on the street is that Robert Downey Jr is in negotiations to be in Captain America 3. And that news sets the fan world on fire, seemingly confirming suspicions of where the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) might be headed.

Last week I was reading over an article discussing this very subject debating if the MCU will be following specific story lines. They also quoted how the story through the different movies to date have delivered surprising moments. They also assume there will be many more shocking moments in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

But they seem to have not taken notice in how the MCU is intentionally taking twists and turns with the history of their franchise to match up with their vision of their movie world. And they’re doing it quite well.

That same online piece said that Kevin Feige has had HUGE plans for Captain America 3, the title already in his head. Those plans involve the bigger picture of the MCU, which, stepping back and thinking about everything else we’ve read, there are many movies introducing a bunch of new characters to the MCU that could play into this bigger picture.

Most notably, the theory goes, the introduction of the premise that The Avengers is a rotating roll call of heroes. This is supported by the various movie contracts of the different cast of core characters, their ages, etc., etc..

Looking back at Captain America: The Winter Soldier, SHIELD was gutted, setting it up for what? The story line where Tony Stark provides funding and toys for SHIELD to continue, putting him in charge? That’s one story line from the world of Marvel comics. Plus, we saw Bucky handle Cap’s shield during The Winter Soldier, on multiple occasions. Could that have been a precursor for when or if Steve Rogers steps down from the mantle of Captain America so Bucky can take over, like he did in the Marvel comics world in the past? (Right now The Falcon has taken over the shield in the comics. So there’s also that option for a story. [But the man who plays Bucky is contracted for quite a few more films!])

If the MCU heads off and taps into the “Secret Wars” or “Civil War” story lines from the comics, there’s doubt this could be pulled off due to the various other characters that cannot participate due to character rights owned by different studios. But then again, as addressed here on Brusimm, on the possibility of Spider-Man being shared by Sony so the character can appear in a future Marvel movie.

Then Marvel dropped the teaser trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron at this last weekend’s New York Comic Con, the one where we see things like

SPOILERS if you don’t want to “see” trailers

  • A scene where the Avengers gang are goofing off, trying to lift Thor’s hammer.
  • Lots of fighting, of The Hulk fighting the different members of the Avengers.
  • Steve Rogers shattered shield.
  • The above of which has folks wondering if Planet Hulk will actually happen or not.


Back on Point:

If we have Tony Stark in Captain America 3, we could be seeing how the Captain America title is carrying the MCU story line on, along with the Avengers title, because if you think about it, a single franchise title can’t carry an entire story line. So using at least two titles to move along major points of the overall story theme makes sense.

Also, with Stark in the picture outside of an Iron Man or Avengers movie, the theory is that the MCU could be headed towards the “Civil War” story line. There is a new comic title of the same name coming soon from Marvel also. Could they be tying their comics into the movies now? Will we see a female Thor? Or The Falcon taking over the shield of Captain America?

Or, as Feige has been doing, following some outlines of themes but moving in the MCU’s own direction.

Word on the street is that the tense banter we saw between Stark and Rogers in The Avengers was the seed to the Civil War story line. With Stark potentially being the pseudo bad guy in Cap 3, where he wants the Super Hero Registration act, and Rogers believing that’s an infringement on civil rights. (Stark wants all superheroes to register and reveal themselves) THIS is what leads to the “Civil War” story line. It was a sad and ugly period in the Marvel comics universe.

“Civil War” has a ton of assembled teams, but with movie rights owned by some, at least they won’t make the mistake of the last Spider-Man movie, where the packed too much in for a single film to deliver cohesively. And the event includes characters we’re about to see on the Netflix series, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, all culminating in their own event titled The Defenders. Luke Cage and Daredevil specifically.

Furthermore, “Civil War” was an ugly period/story which ends with the assassination of Steve Rogers.

Through it all, don’t forget THANOS, off in the background, pulling strings, keeping tabs, plotting plans. Oh yes, don’t forget him. Sooner or later, the MCU will be up against this ugly big guy, which makes me wonder just how many strings he pulls and if he’s not behind the potential of the “Civil War,” setting up a group of fractured heroes to take down?

Just pondering.

But remember, Downey is just in talks. There’s been no official word or announcements from Disney/Marvel yet.


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