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by on December 9, 2011

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Brusimm Cinema Static TV NewsOver at ABC, the winter season premiere of Wipeout premiered last night to the usual banter of contestants beeing booted, slapped, slopped, bonked and what not on their unusually aggressive holiday-themed course and a new co-host was introduced. (I’m sorry, but that just never gets old.)  Plus, I take a peek at where Jill Wagner went!

And with Wipeout‘s winter season premiere, comes the new co-host down on the floor with the contestants, Vanessa Lachey (previously known as Vanessa Minnillo).

The course had a few bunch of newbie obstacles.  One was a boot that when timed right, literally gave the boot to contestants running by it.  It would kick them and they would go flying, cartwheeling off into the air and in to the water below.

The next new piece, which was of course, Christmas themed, was Santa waiting for contestants on the launch ramp for the Big Balls.  And there was a stage where evil elves were throwing things at the contestants.

After the preliminary round, the next elimination round included a fishing hole where contestants had to drop through to land on a rotating bar and it goes from there.

The course seemed more aggressive than usual, and I’m OK with that.

But there’s always been one section of the Wipeout courses that bugs me a bit.  That’s where they have people throwing things at the contestants.  It feels a little bit mean and removes the neutral feeling one gets from the other ass-kicking tricks the contestants get.  Sure, there are people running those too, but it seems less personal when you can’t see them running the stunts. (And probably laughing their butts off in some control room.)

It’s not a huge deal for me, but I usually never end up liking the sections of Wipeout‘s courses where the real people are.

Other wise, it’s a blast!

Vanessa Lachey

To be honest, I’m going to try and reserve my judgement of Vanessa Lachey replacing Jill Wagner.

It’s not the same though, that’s for sure.  Vanessa seemed a bit stiff or hesitant.  Then again, this is a role that I think a person has to get comfortable in before they can find their rhythm.  But Jill Wagner set the tone for the spot that Vanessa is filling and it may be a bit of a challenge to make this contestant-interviewing spot her own.

That’s nothing against her.  I think anyone might have a tough time making that spot her own, but we’ll see how it pans out.

For now, not a fan.  I’ll wait until I’ve seen more episodes  in January (Starting Jan 5th, 2012) when Wipeout officially premieres, to see how I feel about Vanessa Lachey in the spot.

Where Did Jill Wagner Go?

Jill Wagner on ABC's 'Wipeout'When I first heard that Jill Wagner was moving on and leaving Wipeout, I was bummed.

Her role interviewing contestants before their ill-fated participation on the Wipeout course and at mocking them at the finish line wasn’t a huge event in the scheme of things, but it was a nice change of pace from the Johns, hosts John Anderson & John Henson.

But where did Jill Wagner go?

If you’ve followed any of her career, you’ve seen her in the horror movie Splinter.  (That was a great movie!)  But where’s Jill now? Can you catch her anywhere on TV?

She headed over to MTV and she’s playing the character Kate Argent on MTV’s Teen Wolf!  So if you need to, you can get your dose of Wagner there!

I don’t see any other future projects for Jill Wagner right now, but if I hear of anything, I’ll definitely pass it on!



Wanna Be Cast on Wipeout?  Check out the info at ABC’s Wipeout Casting.

You can never go wrong with giving a great looking woman a huge gun and letting her go crazy with it!  Below is a promo shot of Jill Wagner from the ill-fated TV series, Blade.

Jill Wagner in 'Blade The Series'

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tina February 14, 2013 at 10:23 am

i like both but i think vanessa is better because she is hot and funny but i steal like jill no mader what wipeout is the best

janet keys January 14, 2012 at 1:09 pm

Come back Jill…..the show is not the same without you!

Couchh January 12, 2012 at 5:17 pm

I miss Jill! It’s not the same don’t know if I will watch like I use to! Jill was great

Juliane January 7, 2012 at 5:27 pm

I too am not thrilled with the new interviewer on Wipeout. I hope she relaxes and settles into the big shoes that were left by Jill Wagner. Unfortunately, I didn’t even finish watching the winter season premiere because I was missing Jill. The last season re-run that is on TV tonight is more enjoyable.

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