WONDER WOMAN (2017) Review, Go See It

by on June 2, 2017

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Wonder Woman 2017 review

Wonder Woman, under Patty Jenkins‘ creative control, busts out from the Zack Snyder mold and delivers one hell of a story, from beginning to end. And finally, an origin film that doesn’t bore the living crap out of us. Seeing it in theaters will be worth whatever you spend on it. And this, from a comic fan who never really cared about the character in print, has become a huge convert today after experiencing this film.

Oh, and there ARE NO POST-CREDIT scenes for Wonder Woman that you need to stick around for.

You can leave when the story is over! That’s refreshing. (Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Marvel’s post-credit scenes, but I do hate it when they, or anyone else, forces you to sit through al the credits. That’s a load of crap, and half the time I bolt because I hate waiting.)

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There will be light spoilers for the Wonder Woman film.

The film starts out in the present, goes back to the way past to touch on Diana’s origin, then we settle into the slightly more recent past after she finds Steve Trevor in the waters around her island.

It’s here that we watch the Amazons defend against the Germans who followed Steve Trevor into these waters and it’s here that the Amazonians realize that the world has turned to shit around them. And it’s here, that the naive Princess Diana starts to formulate a battle plan to help save the world, because she’s convinced that Ares, the god of war, is behind this great world war.

But be it as it may, Diana thinks that she can save the world if she leaves her island and stopes Ares, because surely, he must behind this much strife.

But to some degree, she finds quite the surprise that she’s sadly mistaken in how much, or little, Area is involved in the dark spark that humanity is capable of.

First up, Wonder Woman never calls Diana by her given DC name. Second, the film is an origins film about an origin that we haven’t seen twenty times already, so it was a refreshing new origin in the world of comic characters. Third, WHERE has Patty Jenkins been all this time?

This origins film was fun, as we learn exactly what Diana is, and just what she is capable of. In my mind, I always wondered if she as strong as Superman or stronger? We watched her go toe-to-toe with Doomsday in BVS, so there was one clue, but this film shores it up in demonstrating exactly how much oomph she can pack, and to be honest, I think she can take Supes. I also love how she had no real dependency on any weapon but used them equally throughout.

The other refreshing aspect of the story was how this naive young woman goes out into the world and despite her best intentions, at each turn of the road, finds herself continually shocked with the harshness that is the reality of the human race.

Throughout the story, she is constantly learning something about humanity, because at the heart of this story is her journey of growing up, learning about the human race she’s been shielded from and learning about herself, because her true potential was always a guarded secret by her mother.

Gal Gadot stars as Diana Prince, Amazonian princess, and after watching this film, I feel she has been perfectly cast in this role, and DC is lucky to have her.

Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor, and unlike that gastly old TV series, he is not a blundering wanna-be hero, but a personified do-gooder who can nearly stand as an equal to Diana Prince, if not in stature, but in principles and intent. He is a true hero of humanity it itself.

And because I actually avoided all casting and other kinds of news, the character of Ares is a welcome surprise reveal that was well worth dodging most of the marketing for.

The rest of the cast is rounded out wonderfully.

This story and the touch that director Patty Jenkins used to make this film made it stand out from the rest of the DC/WB films because of the core values we see demonstrated by Diana throughout the film. I really want to see more from Patty, whose directorial career is just starting to take off. She took a script from Zack Snyder, Allan Heinberg and Jason Fuchs and really brought out the core of the characters and the intent of the story.

I’m not sure this is the best way to put it, but possibly Jenkin’s touch to a superhero’s story is exactly what DC/WB needed to give the movie fans pause in their subtle disappointment with their previous DC films. Then again, and not to be trite, they’ve more or less been sticking with Zack Snyder’s visionary work, and maybe that has not been their best approach. I’m not sayng the previous films from Snyder sucked, but they all have a similar feel, which isn’t always connecting with everyone who sees the films.

But be it as it may, I loved how the film revealed Diana’s actual powers in slow, methodical dribbles until mid-way in, she steps up on the battle field to mett out her frustrated justice. It was a glorious “reveal” to see what she can do when motivated. The DCEU also were brave enough to show the actual gritty side of war. Very gritty.

After 14,000 votes on IMDb, Wonder Woman is rated at an 8.5/10. Google users have it rated at 93% and Rotten Tomatoes also sits at 93%. I would dare say I’d give it a popcorn 9/10 easily and is worth whatever you spend on it. It was one of the first, most satisfying films I’ve seen this year.

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