Wonder Woman in Man of Steel Movie?

by on July 26, 2012

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Man of Steel - movie news

We Got This Covered is reporting that WB is trying to figure out a way to mention or have a cameo of Wonder Woman in the latest Superman movie, called Man of Steel.

CBM first broke the piece but WGTC confirmed a few things with a op-ed or two to back it.

WGTC said that they are hoping to show that Superman lives in a shared world with other heroes and that they might be trying to cast someone for Wonder Woman, if they can do that in time, before production wraps on Man of Steel.

But nothing is written in Kryptonite or stone.

And then I have to wonder when the cameo might take place? Will it be a reference in the movie itself or a post-movie credits teaser, like Marvel has introduced to the movie fan.

Sure, it might behoove Warner Bros/DC to do it slightly differently than Marvel did, but if it works, well, we see this tactic all over the internet. When one site has a great a idea and bigger one runs with a similar premise.

Hey, if it works, why not?

So we’ll see how things pan out and I hope that maybe Wonder Woman won’t be the only cameo in Man of Steel!


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