Wondercon 2010: Dark Horse Comics & Dollhouse

by on April 3, 2010

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WonderCon 2010 in San Francisco

Out of the Dark Horse panel today (Apr 2, 2010) at Wondercon 2010, they touched on the premise of a Dollhouse comic.

Before you get out of control, stay calm, it’s not news yet that there is a Dollhouse comic, but they touched on it.

The word is that Dark Horse would like to do a spin-off comic of Dollhouse. They’ve been chatting with Joss Whedon on the issue sharing what they deem as great ideas for the title. But as it is, nothing is happening at the moment.

Dark Horse Dollhouse Comic

So now if everyone just keeps thinking good thoughts, and send them towards Dark Horse, who knows! Just maybe. If you’re a frequent visitor to Cinema Static on SoB, you know I’ve conjectured on the idea of Joss doing a Dollhouse comic in the past. My final thought back in November ’09, was that I wouldn’t be surprised.

If that’s the case, the comic could take advantage of the Dollhouse viral websites! That way, the effort put into the

… sites wouldn’t have been created for naught.

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