WonderCon 2010: Friday – Day 1 Experience

by on April 3, 2010

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WonderCon 2010 in San Francisco

Day 1 of WonderCon started off without a hitch. Sort of. I was going to take the train into town, but the train system incurred a delay and I got to the show a wee bit later than I thought I was going to. Once I did get there, the process for press check-in was flawless and I started to roam the building for a little while before hitting up various panels and previews.

The crowd is light today with very few costumed folks… yet. It is Friday afternoon.

The celebrity autograph row was properly staffed with past and almost present stars doing their thing for the fans, the Kick Ass booth was giving out free tee-shirts if you were wililng to show your Kick Ass skills… or at least take a post and look like you want to be dangerous.

Otherwise, it was mostly comics and very few movie booths… today. Maybe there’s tomorrow.

As I left this day’s activities, people were tired and satisfied. As I took my train ride home, I watched at one of the stops some 25 miles away as 2 WonderCon attendees got out off the train, in costume. Being dressed up at the Con is a cool way to show your enthusiasm amongst like-minded fans. It’s totally another to stand out in a train station as a giant Raggedy Anne and Andy.

One curious thing I did see today was a toy that caught my eye. I was looking for an Iron Man 2 figurine and found myself looking at an Iron Monger figure was being sold under the Iron Man 2 toy-line. I wonder if that is going to be one of the surprise bad guys aside from Whiplash and Justin Hammer that we’ll be seeing in Iron Man 2? Oh… did I just say that?

But still, it was fun! Details to come.

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