WonderCon Day 1: ‘Falling Skies’ ‘Immortals’ ‘Green Lantern’

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WonderCon logoFriday, arriving at WonderCon 2011 the crowd is abuzz with fresh energy, energy that will be well spent cruising the booths, panels and other various activities around the facility known as the Moscone Center South in San Francisco, CA.

I cruised the Wondercon floor looking for GOOD costumes put together and/or worn by attendees.  Unfortunately, mostly the female attendees tend to pull off great demonstrations of such, but I’ll be trying my best to get a fair balance…  if I can.  I’ve cruised events for Immortals, Green Lantern and Falling Skies.

I also saw next week’s episode of the CW’s Nikita.  It’s pretty cool.  It looks like the show has come a long way since that premiere episode that soured my opinion of it way back.

WonderCon recording Warning P4016871

Hmm, I wonder if this counts? Oops!

With that, let’s get on with Cinema Static‘s outline of the first day at WonderCon 2011.

WONDERCON 2011 character attendees, 'X-Men' and 'Clark Kent'

My first stop was the

WonderCon 2011 Falling Skies panel.

FALLING SKIES Drew Roy at WonderCon P4016877In it we had the Falling Skies co-executive producer Mark Verheiden, actor Drew Roy, who plays Hal Mason, and writer Melinda Hsu joined the panel.  The clip shown the room saw a young boy describing life as it’s been since the aliens have landed and invaded Earth, destroying every military base and major city first.  Then they focus on killing the adults and abducting the children and attach some kind of device to them for slave labor.

We see Noah Wyle in the clip, who to date, has not really sold me on his ability to pull off a decent action role, but this time around, it is possible he may have found that action role that is believable.

In this world, there are no more military, just organized bands of civilians doing what they can to survive, resist and try to eliminate aliens, one entity at a time.

Falling Skies is a show about survival of the most base nature.  The aliens look great, both the foot soldiers and mechanized versions.

For now, I look forward to the collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Robert Rodat called Falling Skies which is to premiere on June 19th, on TNT.

FALLING SKIES Promotional Poster Art

You can see more Falling Skies promotional photos on the site’s Facebook page.


Next up is the press photo op with the cast of Immortals.

WonderCon 2011 Immortals Promo Art Debut

In a special press photo op session, Relativity Media debuted five character posters for the Tarsem Singh directed movie, Immortals.  That and some of the cast posed for photos.

IMMORTALS WonderCon Character Posters

Immortals is due out on November of 2011.  In attendance included cast members Henry Cavill (Theseus), Isabel Lucas (Athena), Luke Evans (Zeus), with director Tarsem Singh.

IMMORTALS L-R director Tarsem Singh, Luke Evans, Henry Cavill and Isabel Lucas

The summary for Immortals is:

Eons after the Gods won their mythic struggle against the Titans, a new evil threatens the land. Mad with power, King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) has declared war against humanity. Amassing a bloodthirsty army of soldiers disfigured by his own hand, Hyperion has scorched Greece in search of the legendary Epirus Bow, a weapon of unimaginable power forged in the heavens by Ares. Only he who possesses this bow can unleash the Titans, who have been imprisoned deep within the walls of Mount Tartaros since the dawn of time and thirst for revenge. In the king’s hands, the bow would rain destruction upon mankind and annihilate the Gods. But ancient law dictates the Gods must not intervene in man’s conflict. They remain powerless to stop Hyperion…until a peasant named Theseus (Henry Cavill) comes forth as their only hope. Secretly chosen by Zeus, Theseus must save his people from Hyperion and his hordes. Rallying a band of fellow outsiders-including visionary priestess Phaedra (Freida Pinto) and cunning slave Stavros (Stephen Dorff)-one hero will lead the uprising, or watch his homeland fall into ruin and his Gods vanish into legend.

Henry Cavill as Theseus in IMMORTALS

Henry Cavill as Theseus

You can see more Immortals images on the site’s Facebook page.


I then headed out to the Warner Bros. movie panel for Green Lantern, with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

I got a bit distracted en-route by a photo op of a WonderCon attendee sporting her best Sucker Punch look (can ya blame me?)!

SUCKER PUNCH character attendee at WonderCon 2011 P4016852

WonderCon 2011 Green Lantern Movie Panel

GREEN LANTERN WonderCon 2011 panel with Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Geoff Johns P4016971

What can I say that everyone else is also saying?  Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Geoff Johns showed up for the Warner Bros. panel for the Green Lantern movie.

Ryan Reynolds is as sharp witted in person as his characters are on screen.  The lovely Blake Lively is very animated when she talks and is hard to get a decent picture of, depending on the shooting circumstances.

We were first shown around 15 to 20 (OK, I was immersed and it seemed like 15-20) 9 minutes of footage from the beginning of the movie, from when Hal Jordan (Reynolds) finds Abin-Sur, who gives him the ring, Jordan trying to figure out how to first use the ring and the battery (fraking hilarious) and his first trip to Oa, as at first, he tries to act cool and blend in.

Ryan Reynolds at GREEN LANTERN WonderCon panel P4016981

They addressed a few items that has been in the press, the battery… and his suit.  But it is a new day, a new era and I wasn’t surprised when the battery was creatively redesigned for the movie, and if you think about it, as Reynolds pointed out, the suit is pure energy and for me, isn’t  a surprise they went with the total CGI look of the suit.

One question asked of attendees was if there were any real suits out there, and Geoff Johns said no.   Reynolds added that that would make the suit a very expensive proposition, to own a CGI suit.

Blake Lively at the GREEN LANTERN WonderCon panel P4016999

Blake Lively said she is totally agreeable to a Star Sapphire movie.  As the entire audience showed their approval.  She started to poo-poo the idea of the outfit, if you can call it that, but then the crowd started booing.  LOL.

Star Sapphire and Green Lantern

I kind of see her point!

Oh, and the WonderCon 2010 Green Lantern preview footage was a awesome.  A total blast and I’m looking forward to seeing Green Lantern when it hits theaters June 17th, 2011.

UPDATED 4/3/11 0128 hrs:

Here is 4 of the 9 minutes of Green Lantern preview footage we’ve seen at the panel:


That was the news from Day 1 of WonderCon 2011.  Intermittently, I may be piping out live notes from my Cinema Static Twitter account, http://www.twitter.com/Cinema_Static

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