WonderCon Day 2: ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ ‘HANNA’ ‘Priest’

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WonderCon logoToday I chat about the Wondercon 2011 movie panels I attended for Cowboys & Aliens, The Three Musketeers, Hanna & Priest.


It’s Saturday at WonderCon 2011 and the fans are here in force. The streets are clogged with convention-goers, both in street garb and cos-play. Hitting the floor of the convention, the crowd was as busy as I’ve ever seen at either WonderCon or San Diego Comic-Con.

First photo op was Jean Grey and a SHIELD agent. And I have to say, thank god for Sucker Punch. There are many Baby Dolls running around here. Some great, some, well, folks need to reevaluate the idea of what they choose to wear, but heck, we’re all here to have fun, right?

WonderCon Jean Grey and SHIELD agent - P4027063b

WonderCon cosplay Baby Doll P4027277

As it was, I took my leave of the floor to check out the panels…

Of note was the absence at WonderCon 2011 of the movies Captain America, Thor, Scream 4, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, X-Men: First Class, Super 8 and Transformers 3. Rather, they showed up at the professionally attended CinemaCon a week earlier, rather than showing up for the general fans.

First up,

Cowboys & Aliens Panel at WonderCon

WonderCon Roberto Orci and Jon Favreau COWBOYS and ALIENS P4027139

Roberto Orci and Jon Favreau visited the gang in the panel to chat up their new movie and showed us 9 minutes of scenes from Cowboys & Aliens. It was awesome as we watched Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, Harrison Ford, Clancy Brown, Sam Rockwell and aliens. And though no trailers have it, we were shown a first-look at an alien.

My first take, as quick as it was, is that the alien looked kind of like an alien version of the Kraken.

Jon Favreau made note that the movie is in glorious 2D and asked us to remind the studios that 2D is still alive.

And every time I hear Jon Favreau speak, I always learn something about the industry. Today we all learned that even a PG-13 movie can have all kinds of ass kicking carnage, as long as all the carnage and dismemberment happens to non-human characters.

Side-note on the project: If you’re wondering if this is a comedy or alien invasion or what not, I remember reading somewhere that Favreau noted that selling pure Westerns to studios is a tough sell, but that alien invasions seem to always be easier to market, and hence, Cowboys & Aliens is what we get. And we see how characters of the old west deal with the tech of aliens snatching humans.

The panel ran over a bit.  The clips, as always, as designed to be, generated excited and anticipation.


Three Musketeers Panel at WonderCon

The Three Musketeers panel shared the hour with Cowboys & Aliens, with Luke Evans and Logan Lerman showing up.  They made the point of letting us know this isn’t our mother’s Musketeers and that every generation needs their own version of this classic Alexandre Dumas novel.

WonderCon Luke Evans from The Three Musketeers panel

Though not surprising, I just learned that Milla Jovovich in in the movie, then again, it is a Paul W.S. Anderson movie. I’m not complaining at all, but would love to see Jovovich under someone else’s guidance. That’s all.

The preview footage of Three Musketeers was fun to watch.


Hanna Panel At WonderCon

Saoirse Ronan at HANNA WonderCon panel P4027183.jpgIn the Hanna panel, we had director Joe Wright and star Saoirse Ronan in attendance. This was her first-ever public appearance at a convention.  We saw a couple of clips from Hanna. One clip was loaded with Chemical Brothers music and it’s a fun set of clips.

They talked about the fight choreography and making sure they distinguish themselves a bit different from the Bourne franchise while trying to be similar in technique. They also touched rather passionately about empowering the female character without having to use sex to do it.

Plus the fight choreography in the clips was pretty decent.

Something else they talked about was that in the Hanna trailers you’ve seen, she has no guns. It’s all hand-to-hand, but they do make mention that she’s handling a lot of guns in the film. I find that to be an interesting inside bit of info about the marketing machine. [UPDATE 4/10/11:  After seeing the movie, I must wonder what Mr. Wright meant by Hanna handling a lot of guns.  You can also see my movie review of Hanna to see what I really felt about the movie.]

After demonstrating that he didn’t know anything about D-Box, Joe Wright said that some day he’ll have to shoot in digital but that he can wait for that.


Priest Panel at WonderCon

WonderCon PRIEST panel Paul Bettany P4027243

Let’s get right to it, shall we? The Priest panel started out with a pretty awesome Genndy Tartakovsky animated prologue telling us the history of the story between humans and vampires and how they have always been at war until the church trained the Priests, and then the vampires receded and the Priest warriors were no longer needed and disbanded.

a Wondercon PRIEST panel w Lily Collins and Cam Gigandet P4027268

The panel included Min-Woo Hyung, the creator of the original graphic novel, Cam Gigandet, Paul Bettany, & Lily Collins. The movie clips we saw also had Karl Urban as one mean looking cowboy & Maggie Q in some serious butt-kicking scenes.

From the video seen, this looks to be an epic action pic, and that it the movie takes place many years after the time of the source material.


And that’s it for now… it’s 2 in the morning.  I have to get up in a few hours for Sunday!  Later gang!

UPDATE 4/3/11 0835hrs:  Check out the beginnings of my pictorial experience at WonderCon 2011.

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