WTH Happened To Last Week’s GRIMM Episode? Minority of Fans Dissed

by on March 23, 2015

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Grimm on NBC, a reviewLast Friday night (Mar 20, 2015) was supposed to be the night that Grimm returned from a short hiatus. And for many it appeared that it did. But then there was a small (?) majority of folks who got screwed over by some blasted basketball game that we did not want to see, but had no option.

We looked around the channel guide to find when Grimm might air after the game, but to no avail. If they had made mention about the show during the game, I would not know because I did not leave the TV on the game. Not a fan.

I started trolling the internet and found a lot of people out there on Twitter asking about the telecast. Silence.

Nothing on the NBC webpage for the show. The official Facebook and Twitter accounts for the show said nothing except to say (for me) that the show is returning to the west coast and for us to prepare for it.

Apparently despite the small demogrphic that found themselves screwed over by the sports replacement of the action drama, the return episode did very well in the ratings.

In fact, despite being moved to the 8PM hour, it retained live ratings numbers from its previous episode, netting 4.9M viewers.

All despite the Friday night time slot that seems doomed from the 8PM hour and also having been up against the college basketball game. But rather than suffering and left to die, the show is pulling NBC up by the Friday night bootstraps and helping the network win the Friday night fight.

Whether it is the Friday night slot or not, they also see huge DVR (Time shifted) viewing numbers that can bring the total number of viewers up towards or past the seven million mark.

But that still leaves the abandoned viewer out of the loop. We were screwed over.

Even now on the NBC website, last Friday’s episode is not up. Then again, even if it were, could customers with limited bandwidth usage be able to view it? Probably not, but then again, it is only the fan with money that interests the advertisers who fund our television entertainment. Considering they drop $18B (yes, that’s a B for billion) on this season alone on TV ad, they definitely only need or want to cater to the money spenders who can afford all the different venues of watching TV.

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