Yes… AMC & Netflix Looking to Resurrect THE KILLING

by on November 9, 2012

in Entertainment

Mireille Enos in 'The Killing'

After Netflix brought Arrested Development back from the ether of the dead, cancelled TV series, it looks like they’re now eyeballing the AMC botched cancelled series, The Killing.

AMC cancelled The Killing because of some questionable TV ratings, but they sort of did that to themselves when they jerked the TV audience around by not solving the first murder at the end of the first season.  Then the second season, though fans found it acceptable, dragged on with what felt like a huge amount of filler.

But now Netflix and AMC are looking at sharing the cost of production for a third season.  Plus the original core cast of Enos and Kinnaman have contracts obligating them to a third season.

Production, if all comes together just right, will begin early next year and AMC will have first run airing it before it goes to Netflix.

Joel Kinnaman in 'The Killing'

For fans, this looks great.  If you’re familiar with or know about the original overseas version of The Killing, it was an incredibly popular Danish series.


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