You Are Responsible For Donald Trump Becoming President!

by on November 9, 2016

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I’m not sure if you know it, but everyone involved in the presidential election race are directly to blame or credit for Donald Trump becoming elected to be our next President.

When Donald Trump came on the scene saying he wants to run for President, I thought it was a pretty cool idea. Then he started spouting off about one thing or another through these last few months, to the point that there is a large segment of our population that calls Donald Trump a racist, a bigot, a fascist and a sexual predator… and the list goes on. The angry and happy tirades about the election results go to quite the extremes, with people calling or referring to the states that helped Trump win, some rather vile names.

There’s even a “social media movement” for California to secede from the United States.

Yet what’s done is done.

The system that we have installed in our country, the one we accept to do its job for us, has spoken, and that system has declared Trump our new President.

Think about that for a moment. The system we approved of, elected the next President. And every single one of us is to blame, no matter who you voted for because of our complacency about the system.

The Distraction of Facebook and Social Media

For the last several weeks social media was enraged with bashing one party of the other. People venting with memes of Trump or Clinton, labelled with text about their evil ways. It was getting pretty disappointing how empowered people felt, to post their angst on social media.

But while people spent a ton of energy venting about their concerns, no one stood up and started a movement. No one started forming a cohesive group to take action with. Instead, folks vented about what scared or worried them.

There were those that did not, in any way, want to vote for Clinton, so they took the other route. And same could be said for Trump.

If half these distraught folks actually took action in formulating a plan and getting the support of like-minded people to agree on and focus on a similar goal among themselves, to say, write in Bernie Sanders name instead of voting for the lesser evil as they saw it, who do you think might have been voted into office then?

Instead, millions went to the poles with no plan, just hope, hope that their vote would matter. And when an army goes into battle without a tactic, they will always loose.

Reality TV Is Where It’s At

Instead of a cohesive group plan, millions of people just voted, hoping it would be enough. And to be honest, it was great to see so many people actually turn out at the polling locations.

But I can’t help but wonder at what cost, do we let the government run our lives? This is a country where we accept the political machine and the only thing we do is post our frustrations on the distractions that is social media. We live in a country where advertisers spend TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS a season on television ads, to sway the TV watching masses on what to buy. That alone should scare you… that ads sway people to buy things, not good, consumer research.

We live in a time when reality TV and sports, two huge emotional escapes from our daily grind, outrank everything else on TV. That very same reality TV that many watched while Trump “fired” people and kicked them from the suite to the street.

Yes, advertisers spend that much money on TV advertising because it works. Never mind focusing our collective mind on things like curing cancer, hunger or improving our world. We would rather sink down into the couch, not care about anything else going on outside our doors, and just wind down and watch TV.

Cases in point:

When Dolly the sheep was cloned, I thought this was a huge historical stepping stone for humanity. But when the news stations reported it, they first had to report about a stabbing, a car chase and a few other ‘eye catching’ news items before reporting on Dolly. Dolly was the tenth headline on the list of news items to be reported on TV.

When we landed on Mars a few years ago, which seemed like a big event in the history of our scientific advancement of life, instead of showing this moment live on television, the Olympics never deviated from their tape-delayed programming. Instead we watched McKayla Maroney land on her ass after a vault the very moment our space satellite touched down on Mars. I had to watch the Mars landing on a live feed on my computer instead.

Humanity is not properly focused, if we want to advance the human race beyond TV watching.

When the Trumps take their place in the White House on January 20th, 2017, they will be presenting more unknowns than any other president to date. Trump’s relationship with his own political party is tenuous, he has no real experience dealing with the world of politics at this level, and his positions on various subjects are more a mystery to most.

Though now that he has this burden to bear, he has said that he will be the president for all Americans. I wonder if that meant he’s done with the attention getting one-liners he’s been throwing out there all these weeks to tick people off?

If you’ve read any of his books, you come away realizing he’s quite the pitch-man and he knows what gets attention and he knows how to manipulate the processes. And that’s what he’s done. Surprisingly.

At this point, now that our system has elected the man and his model wife, our complaining about his past deviations is going to probably be moot. It’s especially moot if all we do is complain about it on social media and do nothing more.

For many, Trump is a huge risk to put into office. Does he step up and not abuse his powers or does he run rampant with political whims? We’ll be finding out soon enough.

But while he’s president, we have to keep in mind that there are checks and balances in play. Two of those are Congress and the Supreme Court. The people and states have a significant amount of leverage and the mindsets of those who are part of the layers of our bureaucracy system also act as more checks and balances.

If you are one who of folks excited about making America great, I hope it’s in a way that does not abuse or belittle our fellow Americans. For those of you who are freaking out and getting ready to secede from the union or flee to Canada, there are more responsible things you can do, besides bitch on social media with useless memes that get nothing done.

You can write your congressional reps, reminding or asking them to start acting the part of being your reps and get ready to put the executive branch of the U.S. in check, if it gets out of line.

It’s time to research and possibly support the ACLU.

For all involved, supporters and detractors, it’s time to get more involved in politics to make sure what you want will happen the way it should.

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