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by on May 1, 2011

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Chase Freedom Card ScamOver the last few months, I’m betting you’ve been receiving those very pretty blue Chase Freedom credit cards to replace your old Chase credit cards. The card is a very pretty metallic blue color. Oooh. I bet you liked it too. But you need to be aware, that this rebate program that you might have signed up for, that prompted you to probably use your credit card more than normal, may not be what it appears to be and you may not be getting that rebate you thought you were going to get.

Read on to find out what happened to a Consumer Bits reader and what they wrote me with, on their experience with their Chase Freedom Cash Back credit cards program!

(Edited for content, tone and consumer protection. Please don’t send me your private, financial details like account #’s and such. Even putting info like that in an email is not safe because your email has to cross multiple uncontrolled servers before getting to my inbox.)

A few months back I received my Chase Freedom credit card to replace my old Chase card.  Along with this new card, the paperwork blazed on and on about this new rebate program that comes with the card… or so I thought.  The program looks great for consumers! You get 1-5% back on specific purchases you make using your blue Chase Freedom credit card.

I tend to avoid my credit cards (as we all should) like the plastic plague of financial death that they are… but with this 5% back thing, I thought, wow, let’s give this a try.

So for a few months I used the thing at various places, all the while cringing with each swipe. I cringe because every time a consumer uses their card, it opens them up to one of those moments you read about every six months where either a local merchant has been ripped off of all their data transaction information, the card swiper was swapped out with a bogus device that was collecting information or the huge entity itself behind the process had it’s computer files broken into. (AKA, this period, it’s Sony Playstation accounts!)

After using my card, each time I’d scramble home and send funds to the card to make sure I kept up on this and didn’t let little transactions go by the wayside and build up, but after a while I noticed that even though I activated the Chase Freedom Credit Card rebate program, rebates were not happening under my account.

What was up with that?

I finally got around to calling the Chase Freedom 1-800 number on the back of the card. (Good luck logging in! If you use multiple computers, you have to go through “security” hoops to use the new machine. Then going back to the original machine you used to use, you have to go through those same hoops again. It’s a real PIA compared to their competitors.)   I inquired if I was signed up for the rebate program and it turns out that even if I did sign up for the rebate program in the LAST QUARTER, that I HAVE TO RE-SIGN UP for the rebate program EACH QUARTER to keep the rebates coming.

[Expletives and other such verbiage were edited out from the above and I rewrote the piece in my voice.]

In other words, your rebate mode, using your credit card, is a temporary status.  I’ve seen credit cards to some sneaky things and this isn’t the worst I’ve seen.  Plus I’m betting that if you read all the fine print, I’m sure this is plainly put in the text… somewhere.

It’s not a scam or a sham, but it is an honest to goodness slight-of-hand that could trick you into using your credit card more than you normally would!  So remember, that your Chase Freedom x% rebate offer is a temporary status that needs to be renewed with each and every financial quarter.

Don’t get tricked into using your credit card any more than you normally would.  PLEASE, spread the word folks!!!

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