YouTube Lets Brands Use Apps Finally

by on April 4, 2012

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YouTube is finally letting brands use apps to customize their specific channels. What this means is that the simplicity of using YouTube is about to become less so than normal.

Which means that now brands can populate their YouTube feeds with storefronts, surveys, banners, photo galleries and what ever else they can muster up to clutter up the front page of their channel.

Which means for me that the moment I have to slow down to figure out a simple process for a channel, I’m usually gone. I want my experience to be pretty upfront and simple to the eye and brain. What I don’t want are so many menus and submenus and popups and ads on pictures that detract from my experience.

But I presume that will be changing. Now how many brands actually take up this process has yet to be seen, but I’m sure some will go overboard!

As it is, YouTube sucks down the environment with 4 billion views a day, and host millions upon millions of videos. So I fully expect it to get jazzed up pretty quickly as brands create their own identities.

I’ve tried to keep my YT channel pretty simple, but as I am finding out, even hosting videos yourself isn’t as clear cut as it all seems.

For one, videos like movie trailers, are actually owned by another business entity. And YouTube (Google) allows content owners to place ads in their content, no matter who hosts them. That’s the downside to using the free content hosting of YT.

Another interesting aspect I’ve found about movie trailers is that after a movie has come and gone, the original owner transfers or sells ownership/rights to other entities who take over the movie trailers.

So once a movie plays out and head to the home entertainment venue, I start getting ownership notices on videos I once had permission to host.

I’ve been forced to delete some content because a video becomes an item that threatens my channel’s good standing! Is that a hoot or what?

I’m not complaining, just stating my experience. Like I said, the price of free video hosting.

So prepare yourself folks. YouTube is about to change!!!

If you’re interested, there’s more at techcrunch: youtube-channel-apps


And here’s a video that no one can add any ads to… it’s my dog, a few years back when she used to be able to run… trying to save people on a roller coaster… we think. Exit…… stage right!!!

<youtube: watch?v=ujFcKUedZW4>

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