YouTube User JaapVSWDelta: A Talented ‘Stargate’ Video Editor Who’s Not!

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Something from YouTube to ponder for the Stargate Fan

If you’re a Stargate fan, you may or may not have encountered the YouTube user JaapVSWDelta.  User JaapVSWDelta hails from the Netherlands, is a Physicist by day and big fan of the Stargate television franchise by night.  He takes his enjoyment of Stargate and mashes it up by creating some wonderful music videos.  He’s an incredible editor, who is not an editor!

'Stargate Universe' The Destiny's final trip

Jaap has a wonderful talent in creating music videos by mashing scenes from Stargate and matching them to the music and lyrics of the song he decides to edit to.  Whether it’s the tone of the music or lyrics being belted out, the scene(s) he chooses to mix with the music seems flawless to me.

The very first video I ever saw of his was via Joseph Mallozzi‘s blog where he said the following:

“cool Stargate-related online videos – we walked into post after lunch and found Visual Effects Producer Mark Savela sitting, mesmerized, by the following fan-made video.  We stopped to watch and, in seconds, we too were thoroughly entranced.  It’s epic, expertly edited, and includes almost every awesome visual effects we’ve ever done.”

Stargate fans know who I’m talking about, but if you didn’t know, Joseph Mallozi was executive producer for all three of the different Stargate television series’.  The video being referred to is just an awesome piece of work by Jaap.

Insight To Jaap’s Processes

I had a chance to chat with Jaap via email and here are a few points I’d like to share with you:

  • The videos are something just fun for him,
  • He sees his video editing skills as a fun hobby for himself,
  • He uses Total video converter + WMM (for Vista) & just started learning how to use the Sony Vegas,
  • He takes about two weeks per video,
  • Every thirty seconds of video takes about forty-five to sixty minutes to produce.

The following video was my first exposure to the group Shinedown, the song is called Diamond Eyes… and like Mallozzi said, it’s epic & expertly edited.

Stargate – Diamond Eyes

I can watch that over and over, every day.  And when I saw the above video, Stargate Universe was scheduled to come to a close and so the lyrics had a powerful and sad impact on me that created a longing for the series to not end.

But alas, we all know how that went.

= § = § = § = §

Stargate Atlantis

This next music in the video is Skillet’s “Monster:”

The music doesn’t quite settle with me, but I still can appreciate the work, timing, editing talents that went into making it.

Yet, watching this video makes me miss Stargate Universe all over again.


Stargate – No More Sorrow:


Jaap’s edits are so finely timed to the music that we see quick, single glimpses timed to some of the stronger note/beat changes in the beginning of

Stargate Universe – The New Divide:

I’m so confused.  The New Divide was a song on the track of Transformers 2.


Stargate SG-1

When you have someone in the industry with as many years as Mallozzi does, calling this man talented, well, I think that says something.  And even though Jaap is studying Astronomy and Physics, I have to wonder if someone might see his work and snag him up and offer him a whole new world of fun.  But that is another thing, for his own destiny to decide.  (Oh man, that was not supposed to be a pun…  but then again…)

Here’s Jaap’s YouTube channel.  I’ll let you dig around and maybe you too will find something where the editing or song match will catch your heart and imagination, much like his Diamond Eyes mix did for me.

[ Joseph Mallozzi’s blog ]

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