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If you’ve seen it before, you’ll see it in Z Nation and there’s nothing new to look for in this latest chapter of the zombie craze.

Syfy’s new series, Z Nation, is the latest network tossing their hat into the zombie crazed programming on TV. It’s produced by The Asylum, and with Asylum’s reputation, I was a bit worried. With Sharknado being one of their best received productions, well…

The story is the typical apocalyptic tale where the world is overrun with a zombie virus. But in this case, the story is about one man’s mission to get the only known survivor of a zombie bite across the country to a lab in California.

The cast includes Harold Perrineau as Hammond (in the pilot episode), and Keith Allan as Murphy, plus Russel Hodgkinson, Nat Zang, Mark Carr, Abie Ekenezar, Tom Everett Scott, DJ Qualls and others.

This is one of Asylum’s better production efforts, but it still suffers some of their usual editorial short comings and writing that feels very familiar… or maybe canned situations repeated over and over.

The group that is escorting our salvation of a cure comes together via a number of events in this episode, rather than building it up over several episodes.

The best scene of the premiere was the last one, where someone points out that one of the girls has a severed finger in her hair.

There’s nothing truly creative or compelling about Z Nation. I’ve seen what looks like mimic scenes from several different zombie shows or movies, and their closing scene of the series premiere was almost an exact copy of a scene from a promo poster for The Walking Dead.

In most situations, I’d say that was a deplorable cheap mimic, but coming from Asylum, it’s not a surprise actually.

That in and of itself is what sealed the deal with me in deciding this was a very nondescript television viewing experience. If you see it on your TV schedule and you are not doing anything, check it out. If you have something going on… like needing to use the bathroom or shave or watch grass grow, then go do that instead. You won’t be missing much.

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