Zack Snyder Says His Superman Will Be Different & Bruce Likes the Script Premise

by on March 18, 2011

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With Zack Snyder helming the very next Superman movie, Superman: Man of Steel, from Warner Bros., fan boys are expecting something different, something possibly spectacular. But that will be one heck of a trick, considering the Superman franchise has been pummeled to death in the movie theaters already.

Then again, no one seems to get that there’s more than one bad guy under the franchise besides Lex Luthor. Seriously gang, has anyone been watching Smallville? They not only removed the Lex Luthor, but amazingly tapped into the wealth of bad guys from the world of Superman.

As it stands right now, Henry Cavill will by playing Clark Kent and the ever timeless Diane Lane will be playing Martha Kent in Superman: Man of Steel. Rumors* at this time are saying that Viggo Mortensen could be playing General Zod and Kevin Costner, Jonathan Kent. I’m nonplussed by Costner or the nod of Zod in the movie since we’ve seen that angle too, and Costner doesn’t feel like a fit into the franchise… for me. But at least it is not a Luthor. At least we haven’t heard of one yet.

Correction: After I wrote this and before it went live, Warner Bros. announced that Kevin Costner will be playing Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent’s human step-father.

Snyder brings a wealth of interesting fan boy experience to the Superman project, with having helmed the soon to open Sucker Punch, Legend of the Guardians, Watchmen, 300 & the 2004 Dawn of the Dead.

But as it stands, it’s being said that Zack Snyder is taking this movie in a direction that veers away from what we’ve seen in past movies and says that you can come to his version of the movie thinking to yourself that there have been no other Superman movies ever made before this one. Hmm, is he preparing us for another origins movie?

The movie’s working title right now is Man of Steel and is being produced by the producer team of Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas from a script by David S. Goyer. There’s also a hint of what the script could be base around… more on that in a bit.

In the LA Times interview, Snyder was asked about the suit and he said that there are no images yet, but will more than likely have to release some press images before they shoot, if for any reason, to preempt any of the on-staff crew members snaggin’ pics and producing them on the internet. Gotta love the trusted crew staff! (And for the record, no, I wouldn’t.)

For now, very little is known about this new Superman movie, but there is some conjecture out there about the script. The Huffington Post suggested that in December, David S. Goyer wrote a forward for a graphic novel series of Superman. In the forward, Goyer may have tipped his hand by touching on how Clark Kent learns about his true identity as a teen and is troubled by the powers he wields. It seemed to them that Goyer was pretty excited about this idea.

If that’s a clue, so be it. It’s an interesting take. A Clark Kent who is at odds with his own destiny, his own legacy and the gifts it bestows upon him. I wonder if Goyer tapped into any min-series of titles from the Superman franchise like Christopher Nolan has done with Batman? Eh, if I found I had powers, I’d probably get use to the x-ray vision pretty quickly and let the other powers slack until it got old, but that’s just me. LOL. Or maybe right after a Super Lotto draw, I fly up and spin the world, and time backwards by an hour and go git myself a Lotto ticket! Ya, that’s why I don’t have any powers.

But a guilty, nervous Clark Kent / Superman? That would be interesting, if that was true. We’ll see, because as I have always said, time will be the telling agent of it all.

*The reason you don’t see a lot of conjecture and rumor pieces here under Cinema Static is I’d rather not waste my time talking about rumors… or at least going out of my way to cover the noise that everyone else chases, to help boost their Google rank for that actor or movie. I like writing about what is, with an occasional opinion. I’m just saying, that I’m having fun being different.

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Romantic Comedies March 19, 2011 at 6:16 am

Snyder did said that he’s not taking any part of the previous movies into consideration, and will just pretend that they never exist. So, a possible origin movie is probably on its way.

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