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When I tune into the 9pm Saturday Syfy movie, I do so to have some mindless fun. Usually the movies are along the lines of the cheap, Asylum produced movies with hokey lines and even more dreadful special effects.

But Zodiac: Signs of the Apocalypse (AKA Zodiac on IMDb), produced by Zodiac Productions, started out in a fairly solid fashion compared to most Syfy movies.

We had an archaeologist make the find of a lifetime.

We met a man Neil (Joel Gretsch) and his son, Colin (who hates him).

Then we meet Kathryn Keen (Emily Holmes), who comes looking for Neil to help decipher this discovery. It turns out to be some Zodiac chart on a wall, but is also a complicated ancient lock that was hiding a “power source.”

But this power source also seemed to be a homing beacon for something in space. (Throughout the movie we kept getting glimpses of a small moon or asteroid approaching the sun.)

But as Neil gets the ancient container open, Kathryn snags the device inside. As if she knew about it all along. And she did, because she was taking the power source/stone to DOD Agent Woodward (Aaron Douglas).

One thing leads to another, Kathryn starts testing the stone, Woodward is overseeing the test and wants possession of it for the DoD. But global disasters keep hitting and it’s the containment of this stone that will stop the disasters. (All the disasters are based off on the Zodiac grid.)

And later on, we meet an expert on the subject at hand, Harry Setag, played by the great Christopher Lloyd!

This was your typical disaster flick where the world is in jeopardy and our stars must save it, despite the maniacal efforts of the DoD guy to obtain the stone for himself.

In a cute homage paid to previous roles, Douglas muttered the word fracking, to describe a peer, and one of the our cast muttered “Great Scott!” after they met Lloyd.

Zodiac started out fairly decent but started to prepare itself for jumping a shark. It didn’t quite, but the effects were the standard Syfy fare and there were story moments that smelled a bit of scenes stolen from other movies.

It did not suck and if you see it on your upcoming schedule, you don’t have to run from it. It’s an “OK” time killer.

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Ferdy Neyra January 15, 2015 at 10:48 pm

Total crap ! they sure invested on one helicopter two cars one real actor and Teletubie effects.

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