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[Up front info: Have a tip, want me look something up? (I’m like a “dog on a bone,” when it comes to web research) Have a question? You can contact me via Bruce4Brusimm over on GMAIL dot com. (But I am not accepting unsolicited advertising or link schemes.)]

Brusimm.com is a place where chat about things that interest myself and hopefully a few others to boot. What ever I’m watching on TV, the movie theater, or good or bad consumer experiences… is pretty much what you’ll catch here. And yes, I tend to break the web SEO rules by covering multiple genres on a single site, but it is what it is. I can’t help myself.

They Call Me Bruce

My name is Bruce Simmons. I work at a high-tech firm in the Bay Area as a software programmer.

My background includes public speaking, statistical analysis, social marketing, and some live stage experience in my youth as a stage manager, lighting technician & sound engineer. I’ve also participated in a few Shakespeare festivals, and I am/was a registered Thespian. (Does that expire or is it like a tattoo and follows you forever?)

I’ve worked at two companies that are deep in the technical side of Hollywood that have received technical Oscars for their ocean & sky simulations in movies like James Cameron’s Titanic. Right now my present day-job is with one of the coolest tech companies I can imagine. They invented the computer mouse, contributed to the creation of the Arpanet (one of the first five on the internet), and helped bring about HDTV and created, developed and sold Siri to Apple for their iPhones.

Vader Quakes Halftime Show-IMG_6689-1

My hobbies include having been a professional bowler (PBA) for 15 years, studying marketing, editorial writing and developing my internet SEO skills. My latest hobby, forced on me by my dog, is disc dog sports. Just disc dogging. My pup Vader (He came with the name) was a high drive pup, and one thing led to another, including multiple championships, TV news articles, commercial shoots, newspaper ads and a tiny focus piece from Purina. You can catch his antics over on Vader’s World. (It’s his site, not mine!)

Way (way way) back in the day I started writing “computer how to” newsletters for my job in 1999. Since then I’ve worked for several blogs and through various events of an entertaining nature, I decided to bring BruSimm.com to life in March of 2010!

I enjoy Stargate,Supernatural, Breaking Bad, Godzilla, Predator, the Star Trek franchises and most (Marvel) movies that bring my favorite comic book heroes to life. Movies like Batman & Iron Man plus my role models Godzilla and Predator! I’m also a Due South fan and my heart is smitten with Joss Whedon’s Firefly and Serenity movie and pretty much most anything Joss puts out.

They Call Me Bruce

I call ’em as I see ’em.Brusimm.com, is my “magazine” of sorts. I hope you can kick it & join in on the conversation, because that’s what I’ve envisioned when I started this place at the digital water cooler.

The bottom line is that I really enjoy writing my heart out and it’s rather rewarding when folks come by and check out my work. The non-spamming type folks, to be clear! It’s even more rewarding when you come back more than once!

Thank you kindly!


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